Monday, 3 September 2012

Credit where credit is due! And lots due at Upton Park!

I've expressed my doubts. I've been a critic. I've issued dire (or Dyer) warnings. I've done my best to be a thorn in the side of the new regime. But boy does it look like I was wrong!

The move for Carroll? Publicity stunt to sell season tickets, nothing more; as if we would pay £100k a week given the new £40k per week pay structure. Wrong!

No chance of signing a flair player with Allardyce in charge. Yossi? Not a cat in hell's chance! Wrong!

A season of depressing lump ball football ahead, utterly attritional stuff; get ready for a neck brace. Wrong!

There will still be miseries out there moaning that Carroll isn't worth the money but that misses the point. His signing gave the entire club a lift - like Nolan's signing last season. Suddenly the management, the players and the fans are looking forward optimistically, not looking backwards in terror. Six points in the bag already. Six precious, precious, precious points. And apart from at left back, we have competition for places!

It will not be an easy ride, nobody would be stupid enough to suggest that, but at least we are now at the races, and the squad Allardyce has assembled is at least the equal of, and almost certainly better than, the squad Pardew had when he led us to ninth place and an FA Cup Final. No predictions, they are dangerous, but for now, at least, we can dream!

By the way, where are Tottenham in the table?


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Anonymous said...

Always knew you were wrong and I couldn't be bothered to read what I thought were personal nonsense posts. But it takes a man to admit when he's wrong, so credit is due, but let this be an eye opener and a new dawn, don't revert to type as soon as we hit a bump because in your admission you now realise the direction that we are attempting to move in!

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Anony-mouse says,

I just had to come out of retirement for this one HF- I never thought that I'd live to see this day :) Did I write this thread?

The Daves have done an amazing job this Summer. And Allardyce too. Can you imagine a Hughton , Mackay or Lambert getting the Daves to sign Carroll? No, me neither. Can you then imagine one of them then pushing their luck and going immediately back to the Daves and saying 'yes I know you got me the big man but now you've got to get me Yossi as well in case plan A of Jarvis crosses isn't working in a game'.

Apparently what swung it for Yossi was Sams's call to him saying that the past (Yossi famously choosing us over Bolton) was behind them both. Class management.

I'm loving what's happening. I'm not getting carried away either but there is definitely a shift in our mentality occuring here. Wheareas before I'd have been relieved to stay up, now I'd be surprised if we went down.

We're building something good here.

I hope Romania is treating you well!

Anonymous said...

Who are you and what have you done with HF. Great post and a big man to admit that lot. But have to agree with you and say I was of the same opinion as you on all that.


Hammersfan said...

LOL It's the Romanian air and there's something in the water in Bucharest - grit!

Good to see you again Anonymouse! Let's resume the debate!

Anonymous said...

god,listen to you lot! Get over yourselves-it was only little old fulham you beat,not man city!!!!!!!!

Mallubear said...

Mark Noble made a total of 81 passes with a 98% accuracy. Better than Joe Allen?

Annapolis Iron said...

Could not believe my eyes. Inevitably, we will resort to being West Ham and my heart will be broken all over again. It is the life we chose. Until then....

AC's presence had a major influence. Matt Taylor played very well in his swan song before the Jarvis era really takes hold. Noble was normal again. I can't stand Kevin Nolan as captain, but I love the 12-15 goals he will give us this season. If we have true top ten aspirations, we will need a better keeper. I don't know how Yossi will get a kick with this team, but I certainly hope he does. Momo is a beast.

I plan on enjoying it while it lasts, especially Spurs predicament.

Anonymous said...

just heard that Liverpool have an option to recall Carrol in January.

That would throw a spanner in the works. Not that I want to dampen anybody's spirits or ow't.

Great summer signings and great display on Saturday. I was at the game and was very happy with the way we mixed it up. Although all three goals were from high balls, we did knock it around on the ground for a bit too.

I am a very happy hammer at the mo.


Anonymous said...

Love it. If Carroll stays permanently next season as well as Yossi (if he has a good season) who will be available on a free by then, I think the foundation will be there for us to become a consistent top 10 side at least.

Also, any predictions about Allardyce's contract which is up next summer? Not a chance in hell of him leaving with what he's worked to build here in my opinion, expecially since Liverpool aren't allowed to sell Andy Carroll to anyone else next summer if he finishes the season in claret & clue.

Onwards & upwards.


Anonymous said...

Why on earth would Liverpool recall him 1924 when you numpties are foolish enough to fund his wages?