Monday, 17 September 2012

Redknapp Rejects 70 Page Dossiers

Well he would wouldn't he? The poor geezer can't reed and rite proper like, so he is hardly likely to favour the writing of dossiers as a qualification for good football management. According to 'Arry, all footballers are as thick as shit. Keep it simple is his philosophy. And I'm not arguing.

Tottenham won yesterday, but only against misfiring Reading. How long will AVB stay in the White Hot Lane seat? Looks like another Oneday Ramos to me, with knobs on!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Redknapp is the man for Westham then. From my memory Westham lost 3-0 away to Reading and 4-2 at home within the last 12 months with Allardyce in charge. If you don't fancy AVB then surely 'arry has all the intellectual skills required to help you aviod relegation. Oh no I forgot, he has already been there and done that!

Anonymous said...

Do you or your "personna" have any friends, HF?