Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Farewell To John Bond

I am too young to remember Muffin in a West Ham shirt - and that's saying something I know - but I hold fond memories of his time at Bournemouth and Norwich. Indeed I vaguely remember a pre season friendly in the early seventies that I attended whilst Bond was in charge. Brian Dear played up front for us and was bloody hopeless!

I am not one for insincere messages of condolences but Bond was a genuine member of the West Ham family, having played almost 400 games for the club, so it is only right that his passing is marked.

It's a real shame that Allardyce didn't pick a team to give him a fitting send off last night!


John said...

I watched John Bond play for West Ham for a number of years. At that time we had two brilliant fullbacks in John Bond and Noel Cantwell.Bondy was a player before his time, a big lad but very fast and light on his feet. His ball control and distribution were excellent, he would beat a player two three times just for the fun of it before making a scintillating pass. Unfortunately we don't seem to get those great characters like John Bond in the game anymore.

Anonymous said...

Picking the side which got pantsed by Wigan probably shows you have no depth to your squad.If Allardyce saves this Team from relegation with this squad, it will be a miracle ....hmmm...wait a minute, didn't Hammersfan say something similar? yeah , that's right! It was about Leeds..'If Warnock gets Leeds promoted with this squad , it will be a miracle.."

Well,maybe a few million oil soaked quid will see Warnock get the squad he now needs and Leeds won't need that miracle after all.

West Ham on the other hand...downnnnnnnnnn...!!!

Anonymous said...

You certainly didn't have characters like Bond the other night. It was probably the result that did for him.

Lord Canning said...

I saw John Bond play for the Hammers in the 60's. He was called Muffin because of the strength of the kick he had. I once saw him score from about 40 yards. He was a crowd favourite and missed out on the Euro Cup Winners Cup glory year when he was replaced by Joe Kircup.
Last night Sky Sports re-ran a ''Those were the Days'' with JB, Ken Brown and Ronnie Boyce. Very nostalgic. RIP Muffin - that '64 FA Cup team is gradually getting back together in a better place.

Leeds Mick said...

No offence to the family of John Bond, not that they or anyone else for that matter will be paying any heed to this load of rubbish. But shithouses like hf have absolutely no right to pay tribute to legends and gentlemen like Bond. Hf represents all that is wrong with modern football with his nasty antagonism and incitement of other teams supporters. Total pond scum.