Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sullivan & Gold to be Knighted?

Bless. The two men who happily saw West Ham relegated (under Roeder) have again explained that their ownership of West Ham United has nothing to do with making a profit. In fact with huge debts still hanging albatross like around the neck of the club, they are having to dig deep into their pockets to fund new signings. Why are they doing it? Love.

Hmmm. Love. Love in the world of Sullivan and Gold, business man who have turned 'love' into a money spinning industry.

Now I'm not climbing up on to a moral high horse here. If I could have made millions from erotica I would have happily done so. It's a far more decent industry than armaments for example. But apart from Linda Loveless, is anybody really willing to swallow what the Davids have to offer.

Doing it for love? Yes, and for the prize money available at the end of the season, of course, which, potentially, could halve the debt at a stroke. Not to mention the redevelopment of the ground, after we have exchanged owner occupier status for a tenancy on a pad that doesn't really suit our needs. You do not have to be a business genius to see how SuGo are going to turn this venture into a nice little money earner, providing, of course, we remain in the Prem.

And remaining in the Prem explains the transfer deals this summer. Originally, Gold talked of four signings over the summer, hoping that would be enough. When it became clear that the team wasn't up to it - and only then! - the cheque book was opened.

But the Davids tell us it all comes down to love and nothing to do with the moneyshot. Surely our magnanimous benefactors are overdue knighthoods!

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alwilsh said...

So the other week after the win against Fulham you took it all back and now you are giving it back, both barrels to SuGo? Make your mind up HF.