Saturday, 18 August 2012

Aston Villa For Starters Sticks In The Gullet

Go back two years and we went into the first game of a new Premiership season full of hope after a superb pre season. Villa had lost their manager and with Grant at the helm, many of us cherished hope that the dark days of Zola would be a thing of the past. It didn't take long for our hopes to crash and burn. Winston Reid started at right back and had a mare, and Rob Green performed like England's 666. Three Nil to the Villains and the tone was set for a miserable season.

Mind you, we should have known what to expect. A  glance in the history books would have told us what was coming. In 1976, we kicked off the season at Villa Park and lost - Four bloody Nil!

The team that day read:
1 Mervyn Day
2 Keith Coleman
3 Frank Lampard
4 Tommy Taylor
5 Bill Green
6 Billy Bonds
7 Alan Taylor
8 Graham Paddon
9 Pat Holland
10 Trevor Brooking
11 Alan Curbishley

Now, putting nostalgia to one side, only  Lampard, Bonds and Brooking would be guaranteed a place in our current side, but you could make a case for Holland, Paddon, Tommy Taylor and Day too. Lyall was, of course, the manager and 999 West Ham fans out of a 1000 would prefer the West Ham legend to Allardyce!

This time around we have home advantage but the omens are not good, especially after a miserable pre season. I'm at Lords tomorrow so will miss all the excitement of the big kick off as, by three o'clock, I will have enjoyed quite a few G&Ts and a four or so pints. There will be a contented haze between my ears and that's probably for the best. If I discover we have won, and England build a lead and take three South African wickets, it will be a day to remember; if we lose and South African run through our tail before amassing 205 for 2, I will be sobbing into my post game curry!

Fingers crossed! Come On You Irons and England!


Anonymous said...

It was only 3

Stani said...

Brown shorts HF? Hahaaa. What the hell's going on with your kit? Not one with an eye for style are we?

Anonymous said...

So you won't be at the game then

Hammersfan said...

Cheers 0127, thinking ahead of myself there!

0609, sadly I have not developed the ability to be in two places at the same time! Very rare for a Lords test in August!

Stani, it conveys my sense of trepidation as we go in to the new season!

apache said...

Anyone want to join my prediction league; code to join FBFA4-FZL

Stani said...

Hahaaa, more like your trepidation regarding the fantasy league! We may not see you've done it, but we'll definitely smell it!

Anonymous said...

3-0 to the Villa then.

Anonymous said...

What an awful game, West Ham are an utter embarrassment to football. Academy of crapball, can't wait till you head back down.

Lord ha ha said...

Ha ha ha. The humiliation begins.