Sunday, 19 August 2012

Full marks to Southampton and Lambert

Congratulations to Southampton for their spirited performance at the Etihad today. True they lost and true Man City could have scored six before Southampton equalised, but the positive approach adopted by Adkins' charges was a joy to see - and Lambert proved that he can score in the Premier League too.

We don't want to see Southampton burning up the division for obvious reasons, but you have to admire their attitude. Mind you, Blackpool adopted the same approach a couple of seasons back and look where that got them!


Stani said...

I agree with half of what you say HF. I don't agree that you can compare them to Blackpool though as Southampton have everything in place that Blackpool didn't.

Was a joy to watch them and many will not truly appreciate the quality of Lambert's finish. Not only was it in one swift movement hence going past Hart before he could move, but his body was not in a perfectly natural position to strike the ball like that and he adjusted beautifully in one move. I think Lambert will enjoy playing with this Nike ball. Strange he didn't start him though.

Steve Makepeace said...

Thanks, as a Saints fan it was great to see us still trying to play.
Hopefully we will be signing more experienced defenders before the transfer window closes. This is our weak spot at the moment and needs fixing. See you soon!

Steve Makepeace said...

Thanks for the compliment, it's great as a Saints fan to see us keeping to our vision of playing from the back, our Chairman's vision is to be the next Barca! maybe in a few years time?
As for emulating Blackpool, well hopefully our defensive targets in the transfer market will appear and we can stop the goals going in at one end, and slot them home at the other.
Good luck with your season, see you soon!

Anonymous said...

West Ham's blog clown has taken a shine for Southampton and decided to write something positive for once.

But it doesn't stop him from showing his usual rubbish assessments.

"Lambert proved he can score in the Premier League". Whilst you will obviously argue that technically you are correct, since he 'scored in the Premier League', it's 1 game and 1 goal. Far too early to start your usual wankfest.

Anonymous said...

Still trying to play, Steve? What a load of absolute rubbish. You were all counter attack last season completely dependant on one player who wont be with you come May mark my words. Going down with the Hammers!!

Steve Makepeace said...

Dear Anonymous, you are quite correct, we played counter attack football and sometimes just hoofed it upfield and hoped for the best.
Who was I trying to fool?
You are also correct in pointing out that without Rickie Lambert we would have been nothing, in fact we would only have been the 6th top scoring team. The fact that we scored more goals from all over the team than any other team in the championship, was just a bluff to make people think we were a one man team and deserved to lead the table for most of the season ultimately finishing only 2nd.
As we will probably be relegated by Xmas, I imagine that Rickie will be gagging to leave us, along with the couple of other half decent players. Although they will only be picked up by Championship sides or League One, as they are not really that good.

As you seem to be the font of all football knowledge, maybe you could suggest a decent team to support? Plus give me all the scores for the rest of the season, so I can make a few bob to support this new team.

p.s. what team do you support? Although I suspect with your knowledge of the game, you're really a Premiership manager already or dare I suggest, Jose?

Anonymous said...

they got beat stupid twat!
0 Points !
did they lose with style.....great

Anonymous said...

(oh) Dear Almighty Steve, I make that played 3 lost 3 and rock bottom of the league.

Btw you're far too old and ugly to pose like that, or are you just being ironic?