Sunday, 19 August 2012

Wigan are welcome to Ramis!

After Green's horror show yesterday, step up Ramis today. He was turned like a piglet on a rotisserie for Chelsea's first goal and gave away an absurd penalty for Chelsea's second.

What a shame he opted for Wigan over West Ham eh?


Anonymous said...

Someone who oddly watches Mallorca. He had a bad day. Don't let that game be the judge. Legit dude.

Us hf

daz said...

one one hand yes its just one game, on the other he is not used to the premiership, some players never adapt, as he cant speak a word of english and none of our players speak a word of spanish he would have an even harder time adapting to life at west ham, we signed collins for half the money instead and he got MOM and many more to come as he can play in our team from game one, wigan might have a decent player but west ham definetly didn't miss out in any way because colins is better for westham