Saturday, 31 March 2012

QPR's Clint Hill Nails Hoops' and Hammers' Problems

Clint Hill has come out and said the unsayable. Speaking ahead of a vital, vital, vital home game against Arsenal, Hill has admitted that at 33, he stands more chance of getting a new contract if QPR go down than if they avoid relegation.

The all too honest defender said: "If we stay up I can see the club spending more money and getting in another five or six players," he told the Fulham Chronicle. "I would probably have a better chance of getting a contract if we go down. I've spent most of my career in the Championship - and know it like the back of my hand."

Ouch! Hill insists, "Everyone is desperate for the club to survive. We've worked so hard to get here and we're doing all we can to stay up" but you have to wonder if there is a disconnect somewhere along the line when securing a place in the Prem results in you losing your job.

Just how many QPR and West Ham players find themselves in this position? Should West Ham win promotion would there really be a place at the club, never mind in the team, for Demmel, Faye, Diop, O'Brien, McCartney and Carew or even Maynard, Collison & Taylor? The trouble is, when it comes to the crunch, when you have to go through the pain barrier, when you have to give that extra 10%, can you do it psychologically when there is a voice in your head whispering "Actually, mate, it suits you longer term if we don't win this game." Win bonuses are all very well, but they hardly compensate for unemployment and all the upheaval involved in moving to another club - if you can find one.

Then, at QPR, there's the opposite problem of release clauses.  Having came and seen and not conquered, Cisse and Zamora may have decided that, long term, they don't want to be at Rangers and that the best way out would be for them to go down - especially with West Ham possibly moving in the opposite direction and desperately in need of strikers! Ba is a terrible role model because he has benefited hugely from West Ham's relegation.

You have to wonder how much tapping up is going on already. Look at how Scott Parker went missing over the last six weeks of last season. He famously turned up with Jamie Redknapp at the Chelsea v Tottenham game when we were in Manchester for a crucial game and nobody was surprised when Spurs ended up as his final destination. There are noises already about Zamora wanting to move to West Ham and whilst he has denied it, we all know that he has to do that for the sake of appearances.

So both West Ham and QPR go into battles today with squads that may not really be up for a fight. Who would be a manager in this situation?


Stani said...

Are you suggesting Faye hasn't been up for it HF? Have a look at the header that caused his head injury which put him out. It was unbelievable. He knew the chances were that he'd collide with the opposition player yet he did it to prevent a near definite goal. Amazing defending and was not given enough credit for it.

Hammersfan said...

Far from it Stani, he is "Hammer of the Year" for me so far. But will he hack it in the Prem? His best hope of remaining a first choice player, with appearance and win bonus payments, is for us to stay in the Championship. That's what this thread is about!

Anonymous said...

Boring another QPR themed post.

Hammersfan said...

You clearly didn't read it 1137. Too many words? Go back to your Janet and John book!

Basildon-iron said...

Think your being a tad harsh there with some of your opinions on our players. Demel is completely untested but you don't play for the Ivory coast and hamburg if you're no good so can't see how you can pass judgment on him. With his reading of the game Faye could still be a prem player, his fearless and has a knack of being at the right place at the right time so could think of a lot worse players to have in defence than him. Mcartney has proved able before in the prem and although not maybe a 1st choice he would still do a steady job as would o'brien in my eyes. Diop would do a job and I wouldnt be overly worried if we started the season with him sitting in front of back 4. I'll agree that carew is past it and I don't care much for collison either. Maynard I'm totally unsure of, with the right system and a bit of confidence think he could be a half decent player.

Oh and we'll done by the way for your recent positivity I didn't think you had it in you