Friday, 1 June 2012

Should we invite Orient to come to the OS party?

I know Hearn is an irritating bastard but there was one aspect of his "offer" to share the OS that should have appeal to West Ham and all us fans, and that is the proposal that retractable seating be provided at no cost.

So what that Orient get to share the stadium with us in return? If we handled it correctly, they could, in effect, become our Academy side, with stars of the future getting used to the stadium playing for little old Leyton Orient before being risked in Claret & Blue.


Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,


USA Dave said...

Barry Hearn can kiss our collectives arses. Principles do count sometimes, HF. He has made this whole process so costly and difficult he should be left to rot.

Anonymous said...

Just last year Hearn objected to our move on the grounds that we are moving too close to his club and will put them out of business ----now he wants to move in with us...he can **** **f

James said...

We don't want it anyway. Brisbane Road has transformed over recent years for the better but we dont want Stratford !!
Personal opionion is that NO football club should move in ... A sports legacy means that surely a cricket and / or university are the better options

Anonymous said...

60000 fans at the Olympic stadium I did not realise West Ham had so many so called supporters with your average gate it will still be empty even with our small gate you would 'nt have enough to warrant keeping it open do us all a favour and knock it down

spyinthesky said...

With success 50,000 could be envisaged and certainly with the top sides visiting even talkshite accepted that, after all we could have filled Wembley the other week on our own. Certainly we will get closer to that figure than Orient can to 20 000 as Hearn projected.

As for it being given to a University or cricket club it seems not only Hearn lives on planet Zog. Essex would be the only cricket club unless you think middlesex will leave Lords and the only odd game they could play there would be the occasional 20/20.
As Middlesex Uni is closing a state of the Art design facility at Cat Hill because they can't afford it I rather wonder how any Uni would finance the OS or what they would actually use it for indeed. Clearly some people cant see a white elephant when its trampling all over them.

Orient moved into our area, they can hardly morally complain about us moving back to where we began.

And to cap it all we all know that Hearn just wants to redevelop whats left of Brisbane road, its already sadly like a grassy patch built between tower blocks.

Anonymous said...

gutted if we move into a ground that wont b fit for football we should have nothing to do wiv west ham hearn should jus let them get on wiv it after the initial intrest has died down west hams gates will drop and keep on droppin thats wt happens when you move into a souless ground with no atmosphere its more likely to be the death of west ham than it is orient.