Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Allardyce Inviting A Good Kicking

What is Allardyce up to? I know he loves putting one over on Wenger, proving that the science of a haymaker punch can flatten the best technical boxer in the world, but I can't see the sense in goading him about his sub standard strikers BEFORE we play them tonight!

The Arsenal forwards looked pretty decent at Upton Park, and I don't remember watching the second half thinking, "My God they're missing Van Persie". In fact, after Walcott came on, I was praying for the final whistle to keep the score down!

Wenger won't need to give a team talk tonight, all he has to do is pin Allardyce's comments up on the dressing room wall, and invite in a team of translators. Folly I fear on Allardyce's part. Maybe the imminent Diame defection has got under his skin and he has lost his sense of perspective.


hammers1 said...

once agian pointless editor trying to put us down,your forgetting we went to old trafford twice and are the only team to conceade one goal so put ya rubbish comments to ya self...coyis

Anonymous said...

If C.Cole comes of injured who do we have to replace home tonight?

Anonymous said...