Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Half Time Arsenal 1 West Ham 1 - O'Brien In Purgatory!

Well, so far so good, but I haven't got any finger nails left. Odd team selection, but presumably it is down to Cole and Jarvis being tired and Diame and Diarra wanting to defect. Given we have at least three understudies out there, and O'brien out of position, we have done bloody well.

Poor O'Brien. Every time Walcott gets the ball the Irishman is on the rack. Outpaced, outclassed and out of position, he is stretching every fibre to keep us in the game, and thus far he has just about coped, not only blocking the route of Walcott to goal, but clearing an effort from Podolski off the line. If only Demel played with the same commitment. He was on his heels when Podolski lined up the equaliser and, rather than throwing himself into a block, turned his back. Jussi didn't have a hope in hell!

Podolski should have scored when O'Brien cleared, but then so should have Cole, his effort being cleared after he had nearly lifted it over Cesny.

Defensively we have coped - just. Tomkins and Reid have been good but one of Arsenal's pin point passes will be threaded through the needle sooner or later. In midfield, Noble, Collison and Taylor have battled well but Vaz Te and Nolan have been passengers.

And Collinson's goal? It was one hell of a hit and a poke in the eye for want away mercenaries Diame and Diarra!


Anonymous said...

Oh my god!

not looking good. for tonight and the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

Hello armchair hammer,enjoying the match? Just seen the score and felt compelled to comment. 5-1 after 54 mins. So far so good. Would you like to borrow Dindane?

Anonymous said...

This is the clearest evidence yet that your team is relegation fodder. 5-1 down and on still over 20 minutes left.

Anonymous said...

No finger nails left? Chill out bud you ain't goin' down and won't qualify for Europe so either way this result will be forgotten by friday.

Anonymous said...

big allardyke will be regretting opening his big gob

Anonymous said...

Simply lack sufficient quality and pace in all areas of the pitch to compete.

Still, at least we don't have to play the gooners again.