Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sunderland 3 West Ham 0 - That's what Noble brings to the table!

So, no Noble because of a calf injury and we were lambs to the slaughter. All season the Noble knockers have insisted that the guy is a liability, so perhaps they would like to explain the coincidence that without him, we slumped to our heaviest defeat of the season? Stani and Sav, in particular, we await your response.

Those on Diarra watch, as the man who replaced Noble, will have noted that the guy was responsible for the Sunderland opener with a dreadful defensive header - no distance, towards the centre of the goal and straight to Larsson - and gave away an unnecessary free kick from which an offside Bramble should have netted. They will also have seen sideways and backwards passing and no killer passing whatsoever. They might also have noted just how deep Diarra sat, forcing Nolan deeper to occupy centre midfield. Oh, and then there were the three times Diarra lost possession by dwelling on the ball. Then there was the complete lack of forward runs. And they may have noticed how he looked as if he was treading water as Sunderland broke.

Have we looked this open all season? Have we looked so easy to pick off on counter attacks? Have our centre backs been so cruelly exposed. No. No. No. And why? Pure coincidence that the holding midfield player had been replaced by a French international obviously!

Not that Diarra was solely responsible of course. To claim that would make me as imbalanced and blinkered as those who refuse to acknowledge Noble's virtues. Just look at our away record. The team go out in a negative frame of mind and so get what they deserve. When Vaz Te was introduced, we at least offered something going forward!

Cole was poor today, but what supply did he get? Jarvis woke up second half but was very ordinary in the first. Nolan was ineffective. Collins was awful at centre back until he came off injured. Demel was ten yards off the pace. And, sadly, Potts was horribly at fault for Sunderland's second and was sitting on his arse for their third. The lad will be feeling dreadful tonight and I don't want to hammer him, but God only knows what he was thinking when he chested that ball in his own six yard box!

Any positives? Not really. Vaz Te and Jarvis looked lively second half. We could have scored three second half, but Sunderland should have scored four. QPR at home next week is now huge!

Player artings: Jussi 7; Demel 4, Collins 4, Reid 6, Potts 3; Diarra 4, Collison 5; Jarvis 6, Nolan 4, J. Cole 4; C Cole 4 Subs Tomkins 6, Vaz Te 6, Chamahk 5


Anonymous said...

Vaz Te did not look lively at all. He did move the ball foward a few times, however recently he has been taking the ball back in our own half. Terrible team effort today. No-one really looked like they was up for it. Sunderlands defence was brilliant, and we just couldnt handle them. After Danny Potts error, i knew we had no chance in getting back. Overall such a poor game, hopefully we play much better at home against QPR next week.

Anonymous said...

So west ham only lose if noble is out? He's shit and you're full of shit. The trouble with you is you can't accept west ham are shit too. No-one wants to play for sam. It's outdated relegation football.

ianthehammer said...

Didnt honestly think we'd get anything other than a tonking today and so it turned out. After manure i was hoping we would take some confidence and belief into this game but as it is all to ofter we just didnt turn up for a proper miles away game. Sorry HF i just dont think noble would have made much difference. Sam has just got to get us believing we are able to perform/control an away game like this. Typical WHU

Anonymous said...

Anonymous agree with the final part of your post, I believe that Big fat Sam is a negative manager with the most obvious and most boring tactics that allow other teams to take the initiative, main reason is one up bloody front ...why the hell can we not play with 2 strikers at least this will give the opposing defenders something t do, theses tactics are asking for trouble ...look how we are dropping down the league like a brick, if we are playing a top 5 team then yes 1 up front would make sense, park the bus and counter, nothing to lose against the likes of Man u, City, Arsenal etc look what happened when we played against everyone else we should be going at it , 2 up front looking to score goals ...but we always play like we are the away team.
Im not being funny but can BFS not see that we should try a change, and i dontt mean in the 80th minute...for goodness sake 2 up front and go for it.
We lost noble to an injury but that is not why we left, the players have no confidence in this dumb system and we only have the points we have so far as the 1st several games we had this season were ours to lose and the lads did the business but now we must switch it up or get dragged in another relegation battle and who would fancy to complete a great escape playing this rubbish.
I hate the fact that BFS blames the players and thier application when he needs to look at himself, hes acting like he has won major trophies playing this dross in the past. Thanks you BFS for stabilizing our great club but i think you have done your job and its time to pack up your things a leave, your job is done, get Dicanio and lets play football like the SWANS and have the same footballing philosophy as a certain Mr Laudrup.....

Good bye Mr Allardyce you cannot blame the players when the system you use puts us on the back foot all the time how long do you think our defenders will last when they are constantly under pressure?? Yes this is our worst performance but it was coming sooner or later our team has to work harder then any team in the league just to keep it at nil nil all due to those dumb tactics .... Look what BFS has done to poor James Tomkins and now hes going to put him in the spotlight due to the injury of Collins and the blame will then shift to him when things go wrong.
Thanks Sam but no thanks !!!!

Do One !

Essex Iron @reeko007 (twitter)

Anonymous said...

Go and do one!

Aycliffe said...

It was Bloody hard work and Bloody freezing watching that up there today Fanno . Can’t really add too much to your comments and I am getting slaughtered by my Machem “mates” tonight!
I have been a Nolan supporter but Christ I thought he had joined Noble on the sidelines today. Most of your marks are fair but Joe Coles is a bit harsh. He worked his socks off and was one of the few that came over and acknowledged West Ham’s marvellous travelling support today.

Anonymous said...

12 year old son of WH Director a better & more entertaining blogger than you! Funny

Anonymous said...

Alfie & Billy Mitchell... Sums you clowns up! Roll out the barrel!

Stani said...

We were absolutely awful. We looked like we'd never played together. How you could put it down to Noble not playing is laughably astonishing! But then you said Vaz Te would be key when he came on so we can't exactly take your judgment seriously, eh HF? With his legs and the way we were overrun, if Noble was playing it'd been worse!

Like I said in the past, Noble seems to get a better player when he doesn't play. Why? Because when he does, there's nothing to shout about. When he's not playing, the errors of others somehow make him better. Perverse.

Agree with 18:39 and Ian. Doesn't seem like it's just me and Sav, HF.

Potts isn't ready. Dale and a few emotional blinkered fans on his blog were actually touting him as the solution to our left back problem. That's them, but why Allardyce cannot see Pott's shouldn't be playing yet is beyond me. Now he will be dropped and it'll hardly do him any good will it?

Diarra looks hopelessly off the pace. I'll give him a little longer before I make my mind up that he is not good enough as he's just started in the league and may not be used to the pace. His headed clearance for their first was a joke and he was caught dallying and robbed for the ball far too often.

Nolan has been really poor for a few games now. Maybe he has it too easy. Something needs to change. Rocket up the bum for him, please.

Vaz Te looks knackered. I don't know what regime they put him through to get him back after injury, but he plays with what look like tired legs. This guy was on fire and scoring not long ago. Now he can't do a simple pass.

Jarvis looks more and more like the £4-5 million man I said he was before we paid £10 million for him.

Sav said...

If Noble played we would have lost by a bigger margin.

Anonymous said...

Plastic hammer has no right to express opinions on matches he DID NOT attend. End of.

Hammersfan said...

Interesting notion. So Scientists have no right to comment on the Big Bang because they weren't present 1137. Historians must not comment on history because they weren't present. Absurd.

Although in Romania, I saw every minute of the game, with the best seat in the house because I could see every inch of the pitch in close up, courtesy of excellent live television coverage. Even better, I could not understand the Romanian commentary so was able to reach my own conclusions!

Anonymous said...

Typical idiotic response with the typical idiotic analogies(with emphasis on the anal). What right has anyone got to draw opinions from what they see on match of the day highlights from their armchair? No wonder you keep tripping yourself up. Try actually turning up,then you can make your mouth go. Dickhead.

Anonymous said...

Most of the plastic hammers "marks" are NOT fair. Unlike you he did not attend. DO not pay any heed to a "fan" who gets his info from edited highlights and teletext. He's a fraud.

Hammersfan said...

Struggling with basic comprehension 1232. I didn't watch match of the day, I watched the whole game live.

Anonymous said...

Bully for you,i was talking generally. I believe it's yourself who struggles to comprehend,as has been pointed out by people who actually go to games. Hammer fraud.