Tuesday, 1 January 2013

West Ham 2 Norwich 1 - Clattenbung Delivers!

So, all nasty comments about Clattenbung are suspended, for a few days at least. When he was most needed, he delivered, and we are now just 4 wins from safety!

To be fair, Hughton is getting his knickers in a twist over nothing. Yes the penalty was a bit harsh, but if you don't want to be punished for a foul in the box, don't commit one. Simples.

And as for the second goal, the more teams play on and ignore the feigned agony of a felled opponent, the sooner we will end this simulation nonsense. Was Tettey's life in danger? He wasn't even replaced so why, exactly, should the game have been stopped? Hughton is an honest enough guy but he should tell his players to get up and get on with the game, not roll around trying to con his opponents and the referee into stopping the game for no good reason.

And the Norwich penalties? Just attempts to con Clattenbung into evening up the score after Hughton took a leaf out of Ferguson's book and tried to harangue the officials into siding with Norwich.

How good was the performance? Given the injuries and suspensions, pretty good. Norwich are on a losing run but have been playing strong teams and have only lost by the odd goal. Yes luck may have favoured us with the goals, but Cole missed a sitter and Vaz Te hit the post when he should have scored. And Bunn was much the busier of the two keepers.

Most pleasing is the impressive return of Collison. I feared we may have seen the last of him, but he has returned full of vim. Vaz Te is missing chances but he is getting into position to score them; they will go in eventually. It's an old cliche that the measure of the team is the quality of the bench, and with Diarra now available and the return of Collison and Vaz Te to the team, our bench is much stronger than against West Brom, and will be stronger still with the return of Nolan and Collins.

Three crucial points today. Just 4 wins needed. Or three wins and three draws. And none of Reading, Villa, Southampton nor Villa won, so the gap has widened.

Oh, and Noble had a pretty good game didn't he?


fred149 said...

Where are the player ratings and the player by player review lol.

Anonymous said...

I'm saddened at the demise of West Ham's football style. Some of the antics off the ball today were disgraceful. There always seems to be a team of cloggers in the EPL but I never thought I'd see the day that West Ham would be that team. Hopefully both of these great clubs will survive and the heavy tactics in East London will improve

Anonymous said...

I would take issue with the idea that having 14 stone of Carlton Cole drop on you from a great height is likely to only lead to a "feigned injury".

And if that was a penalty, then there should be 20 a game on average. Both Norwich claims were far more clear cut.

Norwich were poor today, but with that referee they could never have won no matter how they played.

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

21.08- troll or just plain old numpty?

23.55- Norwich deserved what they got- nothing. They were outplayed today, but carp on.

HF- Sexy new site lay-out or what? It's all sparkly.

I agree with your suggestion that 12 more points may well be enough. To get just 12 though our record in the remaining games would have to be won:3, drawn:3, lost: 12. I really don't won't to tempt fate but with players coming back I can't see us losing two thirds of these games. For once we can let others have a turn to worry because comfortable mid-tableness beckons methinks!

Good stuff today- only my fourth visit of the season. The movement and width were superior to the last few injury plague weeks. Vaz and Jarvis, either side of Cole or Carroll will bring out the best in each other and others. Great to see Jack back and dynamic and influential. Oh for the God of Knees to smile kindly on this talented young man.

Reid as always had a good 'un. Is it just me that worries the likes of SAF will come a knocking? It wouldn't surprise me. Demel had a fine game- he and Vaz Te cleverly and may I say tenderly marshalled each other's injury hit bones through that game. What got into Taylor? Acid? He had a game and a half today.

Finally Noble- excellent game- it was no coincidence that he played so well in a side brimming with movement and fluidity. He wasn't faced with the usual static bodies all around him today. He's not a world beater, but today gave a passable impression of one.

Happy New Year to you HF, and the rest of the GGC bunch.

Hammersfan said...

And to you Anonymous. Up late or on your travels?

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

Couldn't sleep after bleeding cat woke me up (by biting my shoulder) to let her out for her morning constitutional. She's living on borrowed time.