Thursday, 3 January 2013

Warnock Has Allardyce Stamped On His Backside

I read the headline Warnock for West Ham and thought Old Big Gob was about to leave Leeds and replace Allardyce. Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire!

But thankfully, the Warnock under consideration by the club is younger and more mobile - just!

Stephen Warnock is not one to get excited about but he has "Reserved for Sam Allardyce" stamped on his arse. Signed by Doctor Evil whilst at Blackburn, Warnock has also been photographed recently in a Bolton kit. So how can Sam resist?

Even at his best, Warnock wasn't very good - and he is now a long way from his best. Dear God, he isn't even wanted by a Villa team that has shipped 17 goals in their last four games. That's not a great advert for a left back is it?

Once again, the club are trying to fit any old peg into a crucial hole in the team. Yes he is a warm, live body, but that's about the best you can say for him. With Cole and Warnock on their way, perhaps Saga will be unveiled as our new sponsors!


Anonymous said...

Just because Villa don't want him doesn't mean anything. They don't use Bent, don't use NZogbia properly, have Shay Given sitting around, sold all their best players. They're a kamakazi club.

Warnock will only be a bit part player making up the numbers, for which he will be fine.

Pointless getting a quality left back when we have McCartney who is just fine.

Hammersfan said...

McCartney just fine? Says it all!