Friday, 11 January 2013

Great Name, Shame About The Player!

You would have thought that with a name like Osvaldo Alonso, the guy might be a bit tasty. It's not exactly Johan Pele, or Lionel Maradona or Diego Ronaldo even, but it's pretty damn close.

Sadly, the trialist from Seattle Sounders didn't quite measure up. Like the woefully small Big Mac and the less than princely Burger King Whoppa, it seems the "new Ossie" is just another example of American hype.




Anonymous said...

And the mugs at w,ham fell for the hype? What a pointless blog,you've only written this tripe to try and keep a balance with the dumb shit you write about other clubs. Such a shame you couldn't change places with your dad.

Anonymous said...

If I recall that team of "American hype" tied that England team in 2010. Say what you want but USA to be a threat in the coming years.