Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Old Trafford Tonight - A Dangerous Irrelevance Ahead of QPR Crunch

I hate to say it, but if ever a game should be disregarded and defeat accepted, tonight's FA Cup replay is that game. The chances of us getting a result are remote anyway, and the risks involved in picking a full strength team are immense. We are down to the bare bones at the back and must not gamble on picking up any more injuries ahead of a vital game at the weekend.

Many West Ham fans have yet to wake up to the potential trouble ahead, but defeat against QPR accompanied by a Villa victory at the weekend would bring a relegation tussle sharply into focus. Easy points are running out, and a meeting with 'Arry's reinvigorated Hoops is very far from easy.

We all know how 'Arry likes to put one over on us, and victories over his teams since his departure have been few and far between. Add to that the fact that we don't keep clean sheets, whilst 'Arry's back four are now as tight as a duck's arse, and QPR must go into the game as slight favourites. If they start Remy and Wright-Phillips, we could be in big trouble, the one because he will be looking to get off to a flyer, and the other because he scores goals at Upton Park for fun - even with headers! With coupon prices already published, the smart money will be on a QPR win.

And should that happen, the pressure will intensify.

We cannot afford any more injuries to defenders. Reid and Tomkins should, in my opinion, be kept out of the firing line, and so should Demel. What would that leave as a back four? Diarra, Spence, Potts and A N Other! God help us, but who cares?


Anonymous said...

Covering your back in order to try and lessen the inevitable gales of laughter and abuse coming your way later? Pretending you aren't bothered? What a filthy coward you are. Funny that you know how tight a ducks arse is too.

Anonymous said...

What a filthy coward??
What a wanker you are!

jimwhu said...

this game has come at the wrong time f s should let this one go and concentrate on the league and it will be great if we can help qpr and harry bullshit into the championship where they belong i must say hf i never disliked qpr atall its only what ive read on here with some of there comments anyway roll on saturday and forget tonight i remember f s playing his reserve side at spurs in a cup replay

Stani said...

I think we have no choice but to go for it, despite the importance of our next game. And as unlikely as it is, a sneaky win would do us wonders going into the QPR match. Going in with a weaker team would not be fair on the first teamers that will have to play today and against QPR.

The only player I wouldn't risk is Diame. He should be given the last few minutes as a run out and only after a proper warm up.

Anonymous said...

Coward is exactley the word that came into my head.
West Ham dosen't need fans like you , go back to leeds you seem more happy there .

Anonymous said...

For once a decent article on this site

Anonymous said...

Just saw the result. Does that mean that west ham are out of the cup? WANKER. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...