Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fulham 3 West Ham 1 - Disgraceful

So, we are now embroiled in a relegation battle proper. Those who argued that we were safe had clearly forgotten the example of Shafting United during our Great Escape season. We may stay up, but only if the teams below us keep losing because this side are not going to win many more points.

What can you say after this inept surrender? Thank God Norwich and Reading didn't win! Reading are now a real worry. They seem to have forgotten how to lose and are on the sort of charge that saw them storm the Championship. Twice behind against Chelsea, they showed more guts and fire than we have shown for the best part of two months now.

Our slide down the table continues. Our pathetic inability to create and convert chances continues. Our woeful defending continues. Allardyce's blame culture will no doubt continue. But sooner or later the buck has to stop with him.

Yes his stats may look impressive but there's no point in pumping in crosses if the crosses are aimless. And there's no point in getting in decent crosses if your forwards are gutless, brainless and can't hit a barn door from five paces. How crap was Chamakh tonight? Why the hell was he allowed to stay on the pitch for so long?

Nolan scored at last. That's good news. We now need his goals to come in a clutch. We have to pray that Carroll can find the desire to extend himself and that he can remember where the back of the net is. We have to beat Swansea now or we are in deep, deep, deep shit!


Anonymous said...

Ah, the beautiful game. When was the last time we played that - decades ago.
Our defenec can't defend, our forwards don't score. Our on-loan players are not very good [Chamakh].
Two or three decent players - Diame, Carroll [thankfully, he's back and looked livelier than anyone else.] Joe Cole toiled away to no effect - hardly surprising when The forwards are Chamakh and Nolan, who at least manged to score a goal. Carlton Cole got to work on Hangeland, and then - they broke and O'Brien put it in our goal. But Jaskaleinen starting to look older every match]. Demel looks better going forward than he does defending - he obviously once was a good player, but he's past it now, sadly.

But most of all, FS looks like he doesn't know what to do with this lot.
Why play Taylor, Tomkins, etc. How many times did those players - and O'Brien - give the ball away tonight ?

Stani said...

"Yes his stats may look impressive but there's no point in pumping in crosses if the crosses are aimless." hmm, someone was saying this time ago. Now remember... this is the same stats approach used for Noble.

If we paid anywhere near 10m for Jarvis, Allardyce should be sacked for that alone.

Made Fulham look like Barcelona and Duff like Messi.

Kareem said...

It was a ridiculous game. just...absurd.

Anonymous said...

What a complete load of shite that was. We lost out in every 50/50, no lust for the ball and no heart or commitment. I've watched every game this season, but that was almost as diabolical as the 5-1 drubbing of Arseanal. There is no cohesion within the team. I watch other teams in a similar position that play with heart and soul and yet, we think it's our God given right to win a game. This was a must win game but we were played off the pitch time and time again like we were lost, headless chickens. WTF is going on??? I thought Sam would bring some solidity to the team, but all I see is a bunch of fucking wet blankets. Too slow, no hunger, no collective awareness and too many hit and fucking hope. Sick and tired is an understatement. This a weak minded excuse for a Premiership team and I hope to God we survive and make the RIGHT and NECESSARY changes in the summer providing we survive the drop. Really, really pissed off Hammer fan. 3-0 in the reverse fixture, and we get played off the field in every department. FFS, what is going on?????????

Anonymous said...

Noble was shit too,wasn't he? Did you go to the game?

Anonymous said...

I thought you liked being deep in shit, you cock.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic blog - you can only see one post - where the #### are the other posts?

Luke Eliot said...

Worried about Jarvis. Never saw him before he joined us but he certainly doesn't look worth 10 million. Joe Cole ineffective also. Don't blame the forwards because what quality service are we actually giving them?

Essexhammer said...

If the team lose Saturday against SWANSEA a relegation battle will be a cert.Injuries have yet again taken a heavy toll on this season .Looking ahead,worse case scenario,relegation and ALLARDYCE will be gone.Even if WESTHAM survive,there is a growing voice of discontent amongst the fans about the style of football,especially now that bad results are coming thick and fast.That will have a large bearing on ALLARDYCES' tenure continuing.Just look at the stick the CHELSEA fans are giving BENITEZ,I wouldn't be surprised if he gets the boot before long.

Anonymous said...

No coincidence that we have been poor defensively since wally downes left?In the championship we never gave anything away on our travels and were difficult to beat away from home.We need to actually revert back to that.In need of some clean sheets.We have no pace in the team so away from home we are always going to struggle.Havent seen anything from jarvis that says hes worth half wot we paid for him .How did rodaellga score 2nd goal marked by 3 players?mind u demel hss got to stop the cross.Reading,sunderland,arsenal and fulham all woeful performances,relegation form.Swansea is a must win game but after tonight not sure it will be !!!

Anonymous said...


Sav said...

This was a game we had to win. We should have at the very least get a draw and play some good football. The only reason we conceded only 3 goals rather than 5is because this was Fulham not Arsenal. So, I don't think the 7.00 talk by Sam did any good.

Attacking wise. Pathetic. Not creating much. Bottom line we are not a good team. Swansea is a far better team than Fulham. I have already started praying. If we lose again on Saturday, then we are officially in a relegation battle!

Anonymous said...

Fulham's first goal had 3 of their players offside. We should have had a penalty for handball as well. Not getting anything of the refs and their assistants dont help. Cant see us getting anything on Saturday against Swansea either - Championship here we come!!!!

Deane said...

Terry Brown still pulling the strings by the look of it How to make a personal fortune whilst feigning interest in a football club
One good thing about tonight another step closer to Allardyce going if it's a choice of relegation or walrus head staying bring on the champioship

Anonymous said...

Sad Sad Hammers! The relegation scrap now well and truly on!
Hammersfan, your lot are heading back to the Championship next season, this is pretty certain.
What can be done to stop the rot in the sinking ship? Sack 'Big Sam' and go to Leeds and plead with GHF for the services of 'Old Big Gob'..might be your last hope!

Anonymous said...

As a Canadian raised on hockey, when I fell in love with football 7 years ago I could have picked any club to cheer for. I could have chosen the easy path and picked ManUtd or one of the other big clubs, but no I had to choose the path of pain. This season started off with so much promise but after a match like today I think more pain is to come. Losing a match is one thing, but play with some passion. The teams below us are, Reading and Southampton, hell even Villa in the second half of their last match played with heart. Right now it feels like survival is out of our hands and all we can do is hope three other teams play shittier than we do.
Hope we can turn things.
My family and co-workers are getting tired of me being in a pissy mood.
Time for a beer
Go Hammers!

Anonymous said...

So what did we learn from tonight?

1.We have no genuine pace in the team and our keeper is struggling big time.

2.We have players who are well past their best. J Cole, Nolan.

3. We have players who are past their best and were Shite at their best. Demel,O'brien,Taylor.

4.What has happened to Tomkins confidence? Has BFS totally destroyed him?

5.Why does Carlton Cole still get taken seriously as a Premier Player? I think I heard Tony Gale say he is our best forward?

6.What the hell is up with Jarvis? Is he now officially the biggest flop in Claret and blue?

7.Has Carroll had his hair cut so he looks like a 7 foot Patrick Berger?

8. Are the owners now not willing to spend any major money in this window as they are not looking to renew BFS contract?

I have watch every game this season as I am a sad bastard who watches all games via fox sports in Australia and feel we will only just stay up.I don't really enjoy watching the games anymore, maybe it will all turn out and be a good thing? BFS will go and maybe the next Manager may like playing football on the floor.

Or maybe, we will get relegated and my wife's cock will fall off?

Happy Days

Anonymous said...

I think w,ham haven't been the same defensively since moore left to join Fulham which coincidentally was around the time armchair hammer last went to a game. All this ridicule is being heaped upon you all courtesy of your host- Armchair Hammer.

TBI said...

The whole squad from Manager right down to the subs is a complete and utter mess. I can now see why Diarra got the hell out and lets hope Diame doesn't follow or we will be in serious trouble!!

Stani said...

Good on you 02:42. Keep the faith!

Chunky said...

BFS looked like he was totally out of ideas last night. Almost 90 minutes of hoof and chase. The only success we have had this season was when we at least tried to play in on the ground. Pathetic! Unfortunately he is too stubborn to learn from his mistakes like Grant and Zola before him. I think we can expect plenty more misery before the end of this season.

Unfortunately he will not be going anywhere soon. If we get relegated there is no way GAS are going to get rid. He has got us promoted before so who would they want to replace him with? If we stay up he will get a pat on the back and we can expect another relegation battle next year.

Anonymous said...

As I have often said, we are too SLOW - either slow physically [Nolan], or slow in thought [Noble]. As for Taylor, O'BRien et al, they are all clapped out mediocrities. Demel obviously once was a real footballer, even though defensively he is also too slow now, but to class him in the same category as Taylor/Obrien etc is just not correct.
Tomkins will never make it in the PL - he's a joke.
Reid needs Collins alongside him,, not Tomkins.
Joe Cole was good once, but even he must be demoralised since his return. Carlton Cole is supposedly a striker, but couldn't be arsed to get on a decent cross last night - too slow mentally.
Chamakh is not very good.
Diame was ok in fits and starts - as he has been all season, - apart from when he was injured.
Jaskaleinen should get out of football asap.
As for Allardyce, he's too easy to suss out, since he only has one way of playing.

Also - play Spence - he's better than anyone except Reid in defence.
But if I was Spence, I'd getout - no future at WHU under the Sullivan/Gold/Brady.
Seriously, how can anyone continue looking for positives among this dross ?

Anonymous said...

you happy hammers need to stop panicking

You are 7 points clear of the drop zone, make that 8 points because of goal difference

yeah 10 million for Jarvis...umm

Stani said...

Stoker's £4m Butland bid accepted. What are we doing?!?

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what you're doing,you're buying an arthritic antique from Blackburn.