Saturday, 19 January 2013

Half Time West Ham 0 QPR 1 - Taraabt Tearing Hammers Apart

Well how predictable was that? I could pull up my post earlier in the week and may do so later, warning about the dangers of a one or two goal defeat. Taarabt is running the show and Remy has scored one already and fancy his chances of another second half. Wright-Phillips has also got the beating of Demel and will pose a threat second half.

Thus far, 'Arry has got it spot on and Allardyce all wrong. If ever a game cried out for a man marker, this is the one. Close down Taarabt, you close down QPR, but Noble is playing too high and the centre backs are clueless as soon as the Moroccan has the ball in the hole. We had two warnings, when Remy mistimed his runs, but nothing was done. It was as if we were waiting for QPR to score! Crap defending? Yes. But crap tactics too!

So how do we get back into this one? It's not going to be easy. QPR are set up to defend and spring out on the break. Nelson and Hill are slow and lumbering, but Rangers sit so deep, that doesn't matter. We need to get at them down the flanks, but Cole doesn't have the pace and Jarvis doesn't have the desire. In fact, with Joe Cole in the team, you have to wonder if there is a place for Nolan. We really need Cole in the Taarabt role, not tied to the touchline.

Mind you, even if we create chances, who is going to take them? Chamahk looks light weight and out of his depth to me - although he should have had a penalty - and Nolan's knack seems to have deserted him. Chances he usually buries for fun are hitting the keeper or going wide at the moment.



Anonymous said...

How unlucky ! Just proves that the west amateurs can hold their own against the bigger London teams ? Should never let the ball bounce but how consistently unlucky they are .Blow bubbles,blow football.blow chances .

Aw shucks .


Anonymous said...

Not the game i watched. First 15 minutes QPR were looking good and Taraabt was running the show for them. BUT the team got it together and by the end of the game I could not believe that QPR had hung onto the point. An let us not forget another clear penalty decision not given for us - punishment from the ref for Big Sam's comments last week? Would not surprise me with those arseholes Cham fowled TWICE in their penalty area but ref sees nothing - bloody disgrace.
Well done the team - they rode their luck, maybe we should have finished them off but they were all back behind the ball and defended well - I am sure they fell it is a point well won rather than two lost - that is for sure.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you pull up your post warning of another one or two goal defeat? After all you called it correctly. Who gives a toss about warnings from a lonny in an armchair in another country? Do you actually believe people hold store by the shite you talk? No doubt you will connive something that will make it look like you predicted a one all draw at home to a bottom 3 club. Which stand were you in,by the way?

Anonymous said...

What game were you were watching??

West Ham ABSOLUTELY BATTERED QPR who had one chance on the break and scored.