Sunday, 17 October 2010

Arsenal Snarl Like Wolves. McCarthy's & Wenger's Post Match Comments.

I must admit that Mick McCarthy had me laughing out loud when he responded to the fact that no Wolves players had been booked by saying something along the lines of, "I know, they went out and played the opposition off the park for 45 minutes with passing football. What did they think they were doing? That's not what I tell them to do!" It was the perfect riposte to Danny Murphy.

And meanwhile, Wenger, through gritted teeth, had to admit that Wilshire deserved to be sent off after a terrible and potential leg breaking challenge. Am I alone in seeing similarities between that challenge and the ones that broke Eduardo's and Ramsey's legs? Wenger conceded that it was a red card challenge, but I didn't hear him giving Wilshire the same abuse as he directed at Taylor and Shawcross.

At the time of the Ramsey break, I pointed to the hypocrisy of Wenger. Now, let's hear how Wilshire should be suspended for three months or banned from the game for life. We don't want these sorts of challenges in football do we Arsene? Meanwhile, Mr Murphy might like to add Wenger to his rogue's gallery of McCarthy, Allardyce and Pulis! He really shouldn't fire his players up so much, should he Danny?

And back to McCarthy. What game was he watching when he called the foul on Obinna a "soft penalty"? It was a nailed on penalty in my book, and Shearer, Lineker and Hansen all concurred. Perhaps McCarthy and Wenger have more in common than any of us realised. They certainly both need to go to Specsavers!


Anonymous said...

enjoy the championship, troll. :)

Hammersfan said...

Arsenal fan I take it 1754. So, can you not at least see a certain irony?

Anonymous said...

You should stop acting like a wannabe media whore around the newsnow boards, it is embarrassing for you and the club you have the cheek to represent.

Hammersfan said...

Whores charge, I don't.

Scotty Parker said...

Alright this is ridiculous really. As much as i get annoyed by Mr Frenchie, i have to say there's something wrong in the criticism towards him.

To be fair, his team get roughed up all the time, something that most lower sides do to them often.

Now the thing is people expect them to get kicked abit and take it but are not supposed to employ some of the tactics themselves as they'd be labelled hypocrites. There's something wrong in that logic.

Personally, i thought wilshire's tackle was a def red, but in no way comparable with Taylor's or Shawcross's. Thats just idiotic comparison.

The last two challenged involved excessive and brutal force; both on a considerably smaller man. And with speed, high on the shin area.

I've seen Wayne Rooney commit plenty of challenges like Wilshire's back in the day. I think people should take into account his age and experience.

Anyways, good blog. I expect the boys to kick them accordingly when the gooners visit Upton park LOL. 8D