Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Avram Changes Sports But Not His Habits!

So Avram will be due another dose of atonement, and a dose of penicillin if he's not been careful. The guy who was famously caught with his trousers down in a Pompey massage parlour and who was right royally screwed by Princess Brady at the Boleyn,  has now been spotted wandering the streets of Bangkok, looking for 'entertainment'.

I bet he was fascinated by the ball control of the girls in the clubs, albeit they play with ping pong balls rather than footballs.

Let's hope the Israeli master tactician wasn't using Gary Glitter's Rough Guide to the city!

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jimwhu said...

and your point is ? maybe leeds next boss ? watfords director of football ? qpr owner he could afford to buy them with what hes earned ? test pilot for millwall ? he aint westham hes gone move on