Saturday, 24 November 2012

Redknapp's First QPR Prayer Answered At Sunderland

Well 'Arry's off to a perfect start with Sunderland losing at home to West Brom. That keeps O'Neill's wailing Black Cats within reach. Now, it's just a little matter of QPR winning at Old Trafford. Well, according to 'Arry, the Hula Hoops need a miracle to stay up!

As for O'Neill, he seems to have lost the plot completely. Two goals down at half time and with Campbell and Saha on the bench, why did he wait until the seventy third minute to make a change and put two up top? Sunderland drew 2-2 playing with two central strikers. Maybe there's a lesson there should O'Neill be interested in learning?

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USA Dave said...

Maybe someone was looking out for us in January, 2010?