Tuesday, 20 November 2012

QPR Stuck With Hughes!

So, according to The Independent, Hughes was invited to tender his resignation and refused; and the Board were unable to sack him because, without the approval of Fernandes, they can't trigger a £5m compensation pay off.

What a bloody mess, What's the point of having a Board of Directors if they can't make a decision so fundamental to the future of the club? And why the hell couldn't they get approval from the owner via Skype anyway?

Redknapp is up to his usual tricks, with his agent, or somebody close to 'Arry, suggesting he is close to accepting the Ukraine job. As if! Sandbanks to Donetsk is 2,056 miles according to Google Maps! Blackburn was too far away for 'Arry, and so was Ipswich, so why would he consider the Ukraine?

As for Hughes, he is sitting pretty come what may. In fact, I would be praying to be sacked if it involved a five million pound pay off!


Anonymous said...

A 5mill pay out is nothing compared to what the club will lose from tv, as i believe it goes up next year.

Anonymous said...

the only consolation is that by the time hughes is finished at qpr are destroyed the club he will never get another job in football, he has been a complete disaster with a very gullible chairman. al fayed had the right idea at fulham, keep the pursestrings tight. fernandez has allowed him to waste a huge amount of money. fernandez will pay the price for a long time, hughes is completely inept, and has lost the support of the players but in his own deluded world thinks he is still worthy of the job and doesn't have the decency to resign.

Anonymous said...

It all a load of bollocks! You have one of the best managers in the country clearly willing to take the qpr job nd the board are sticking with that usless muppet

Anonymous said...


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