Sunday, 11 November 2012

Half Time Newcastle 0 West Ham 1 - Expect Fireworks Second Half

Well in terms of quality, the game has been dire. Neither side can string five passes together and the quality of the final ball into the box has been dire. West Ham have managed one good move - and it wasn't for the goal - with Nolan planting the ball a yard wide after a lovely pass by Diame. The goal was typical Nolan. O'Brien's shot was heading five yards wide but there was Nolan, an inch onside, on the edge of the six yard box, to turn it home. Brilliant in its simplicity!

Newcastle can't play THAT badly in the second half surely, and if we allow them to have 88% of the possession - as we have since the goal - then God help us.

Who has played well? Nobody. Except perhaps our back four, although they haven't really been put under any pressure so far. The worst player on the pitch? Carroll by a country mile. He has been absolutely awful. A huge cheer should go up from West Ham fans if he actually finds a team mate with a pass or flick on before the game ends!

Here's an interesting fact though. It's two years since Newcastle last came from behind to win a game in the Prem. The opponents? West Ham. The scorers? Carroll and Nolan.

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Jack Up Norf said...

Obviously there then HF as I was and Diame was outstanding throughout. Noble played well and Reid was excellent. Well done boys keep it up!! COYI