Sunday, 4 November 2012

QPR 1 Reading 1 - Perfect, Just Perfect!

So is Allardyce writing the script for this season's Prem? We went into the weekend fearing the clubs at the bottom might close the gap but so far, so good.

QPR remain joint rock bottom, despite all that financial outlay by Fernandes, and Reading only mustered a point from the match up of incompetents at Loftus Road. Meanwhile, a draw may extend the agony of the Mark Hughes reign just a little longer. He is a dead man walking now, and the longer he stays in charge, the more likely it is that QPR will return to where they belong - the Championship!

By holding each other to a draw, Reading and QPR effectively tightened the hoops around each other's necks. To stay up, QPR now need at least 32 points from 28 games - and that isn't going to be easy given they haven't won a game yet, even if 'Arry takes charge!

Poor, poor QPR - doesn't your heart just bleed for them? At the present points per game ratio, they will have 15 points come the end of the season - the number of points we have after 10 games!

Are you still watching Robert Green?


Anonymous said...

Cunny funt

Anonymous said...

Tell me, HF, were you abused by a QPR fan as a child??
John J. Ripon

Hammersfan said...

Why do you ask John, are all QPR fans nonces? Is that why "Queens" features in the name? Toilets in the local Park perhaps? Me Tonto, you lone Ranger?

Tony's Silver away!

Anonymous said...

I think he was abused by a few people although not sexually as hf is rather repulsive. Clearly he's been physically abused and in his teens too. Far too cowardly to defend himself and has taken to hiding behind his laptop trying to eke out revenge.

Anonymous said...

you must be bored of being called names by everyone HF? the comments on your posts are just daft nowadays,and its all your own fault

Anonymous said...

Well well she's back then the hammers will be in a relegation battle by May mark my words pal good start but it won't last enjoy it while it lasts rangers will still finish above you its not how you start its how you finish wanker good night and god bless