Monday, 26 November 2012

Fantastic England Turn Form Book On Its Head!

Wow, what a turnaround! England spinners out spin India and suddenly a team all at sea against the turning ball turns the tables on the masters of spin!

How ironic. The Indians deliberately prepared a surface to ensure a 2-0 series lead, and promptly found that Swann and Panesar are better at exploiting spin and bounce than they are!

Of course, Cook and KP apart, our batsmen did their best to lose the game in the first innings. There's still plenty of technical flaws in evidence, but once again, Cook was a revelation.

The Essex opener really has the most extraordinary temperament, leading from the front and setting an amazing example. Two series centuries already, and a not out to boot in the second innings. He must now be unrivalled as the best opener in the World.

Ready to admit that yet Stani?


Stani said...

Hahaaa, has India even got a bowling attack, HF?

Hammersfan said...

It's a bowling attack that's more than up to dismissing all those rated superior to your favoured candidate for England's middle order Stani!

By the way, on the racist front, I was a bit surprised to hear an Indian commentator (on Star) say, "I thought this was an India VERSUS England game. Caught Patel bowled Singh, what's that about then?" It seems some find it hard to accept that the colour of skin has nothing to do with somebody's nationality!

Anonymous said...

And like the rain in Exeter, the comments come flooding in. One of which is from hf itself. What a world class sports debating forum.

AJ said...

Takes some Indians to make England a better team.

Anonymous said...

The commentator made a weak joke because two names sounded Indian. Full stop, end of story, nothing sinister.

Why do you have to always try to agitate a situation unnecessarily when it comes to Racisim?

You are both provovative and borish Hammersfan.

Hammersfan said...

AJ, it takes more South Africans!

2332, I did say "bit surprised" not "outraged".

Anonymous said...

23:32 here, and you again avoided answering the question Hammersfan