Monday, 12 November 2012

Hughes On The Brink At QPR As Adkins Totters At Southampton

Fingers crossed that QPR and Southampton contrive to share the spoils at Loftus Road next Saturday. A draw is no good for either club, with both currently behind par in a quest to equal Derby County's lowest ever points total in the top division.

Hughes, arrogant tosser that he is, has suddenly taken to using the royal "we", claiming, "We've been in this situation before, at Blackburn and Manchester City, when we came in and had to address certain things in the club, change personnel and that was a difficult time".

When exactly will he come clean and admit "We am a complete tosser"?

Adkins is a far more likable individual and has done much more to merit his Board's patience. And let's face it, 'Arry couldn't return to the Saints could he, but he would relish the opportunity of another job within commuting distance of his South Coast mansion - all of which must make Hughes the favourite to go first.

But let's hope it all ends in another stalemate and Hughes hangs on for yet another week. Of course, if 'Arry doesn't fancy the post, Warnock may soon be out of work so could return to complete the job he wasn't allowed to finish!


Anonymous said...

harry rednapp,ian holloway,or neil warnock,s record for qpr is shocking.we need to get of the welsh on you rs

Anonymous said...

A draw and he is still gone and rednapp will be in before te next match. We are so close but it's not meant to be under Hughes. Creating loads of chances but not taking any. Tarbs and cisse hate eachother and Zamora has lost his love for football, sack the testicle for saying such a thing when the club are inthe posn it's in. He is not fit for purpose so he should just leave. Can arry do any better, dam yes, I feckin could! Please though, no Warnock or holloway haha! It's rednapp and he knows it too. He is praying we lose but somethin tells me we won't. As I said we are almost there and a tiny bit of well overdue luck could really turn this season on its head. Utd the weekend after, ouch! Here's hoping for the best. Nice article for a change HF :-P