Sunday, 11 November 2012

Blame the referee says Warnock after Leeds crash 1-6 to Watford!

Too right too Neil. The decision to send off Pearce was disgraceful. Never mind that it was a cynical and deliberate foul designed to prevent Watford from opening Leeds up yet again, and never mind that Vydra was completely pole axed by the challenge, it was never a red!

Did Pearce break Vydra's leg? No! And surely that should be the measure! Dear God, if red cards were chucked around like that in the seventies, Leeds would have finished every game with nine men - or less!

Football is a physical game, a game played by men, and men have to accept challenges like that. So what if a tackle like that could cause serious injury? That's part of the game isn't it Neil? Yes players may suffer broken legs, but broken legs are part of the game aren't they? Pearce never went over the top of the ball. His foot never left the ground apparently. So what that it connected with Vydra? So what that Pearce threw the full weight of his body into the challenge and took Vydra out in a way that would secure a red card in rugby? So what that Pearce was deliberately cheating? It's kicking thin air before impact with the opponent that matters! Technically, that was never a red card!

I'm sure Austin fully supports the idea that challenges like Pearce's should not be punished with red cards. I'm sure Austin accepts that broken legs are just part and parcel of the game. I'm sure Austin wants to see the game revert back to the days when dirty play went unpunished and when the likes of Hunter, Charlton, Bremner and Giles could kick opponents for fun. I'm sure he's saying precisely that to the nurse tending to him this morning.

In fact, given Warnock felt that red card for Pearce was wrong, it's odd that Austin's leg break spoilt the rest of the game for him, causing him to "lose interest" in the match. Just percentages apparently. There should have been a lot more challenges like Pearce's before a leg was actually broken in a Leeds game!

What was the referee called? Kettle. I would suggest that this was a case of the Pot Bellied Calling The Kettle Black but I don't want Anton Ferdinand on my case!


Anonymous said...

Ha !

Anonymous said...

Did you go to the game???? No! So fkuc off you complete nobhead!!!

Anonymous said...

If pearce had not been wrongly sent off (yellow card at best) austin would not have been moved back into defense and being in that position when he broke his leg!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will you ever shut up! What is ur obsession with all things Leeds. Concentrate on your own club!

Anonymous said...

Good rant, very enjoyable and I agree

herefordleeds said...

You just displayed your complete lack of knowledge.... Of course it would get you a red card in rugby... You arent allowed to use your feet to tackle people in Rugby.... Moron....

Anonymous said...

so what....

Anonymous said...

You just cant stop talking about

Chill out !
You might want to check out the blog Clarke one nil

Wrote a superb article on Warnock, that is evidence based!, not just a personal rant.

I thought you were a university boy?
I thought you knew about writing?

Help is at hand, lots of books available....check out Amazon.
Good writing practice for cockney wankers, might be the first port of call.

Anonymous said...

Hunter, Charlton, Bremner and Giles

You are not fit to even write those names in a blog sunshine. cup winner -everyone likes big Jack surely?

Bremner - all time great
Giles - best passer of a ball of his generation
Hunter - misunderstood !

oh right , I remember your great WETSPAM Hero.....Julian Dicks....Mr subtle himself

Anonymous said...

The nicest way to describe the attitude
and style of the visiting team was ‘rigorous, uncompromising and bloody-minded’. Now mix that with
three explosive Hammers in Julian Dicks, Mark Ward and Martin Allen who could all be expected to
‘get stuck in’ fairly at best, or exact revenge to add a few sparks, at worst. There was bound to be
fireworks, and it was a bit like lighting the blue touch-paper and not moving away. Fouls were too
numerous to mention and intimidation was the name of the game, causing a major brawl involving no
less than 17 players just before half time, and it was expected that the break would calm things down.
Only it didn’t.

Silky skills of West Hams team of caring sharing souls

Anonymous said...

Julian Dicks made it a hat trick, not of goals, but dismissals in one
season. He was certainly living up to the nickname of
‘Terminator’ that the fans had given him

We are so quiet , unassuming unlike that DIRTY DIRTY LEEDS, we never resort to those northern tactics......we are sooooooo above it all..

John Charles on the other hand......Leeds legend....42 goals in a season playing centre half.....never booked in his entire career...seems to be in stark contrast to Julian Dick

Those dirty bastard hammers

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest spammerfan it was never a red card it was a yellow!

Anonymous said...

did you see the challenge?
It was a booking
all neutrals agreed

That was it.............end of

Anonymous said...

Yawn - see less people are biting to your feeble efforts - way to go!

Anonymous said...

yeah you may be correct but at least we wont shit our pants when we play millwall this weekend.

Anonymous said...

There is only one thing I want Warnock to say. "I resign."

Regarding Super Leeds. Stop insulting the greatest club side in the this country period 65-75.

Leeds were a hard side like all the successful sides of the time. I you wanted to paly football, Leeds would show you how to do it. If you wanted to be dirty, Leeds would sort you out.

The game is different now. Some clubs even have Porn Kings has owners. Some teams who plead the get it down and play football, launch the long ball.

Be objective and your articles are good, put biased crap out and we will laugh at you.

Leeds will be back, it is only a question of time. Have West Ham ever been famous, no. Never will be!

I was forgetting the are famous for cheating and getting away with it, the Tevez Affair.

alec ferguson said...

stupist thing ywt warnock blameing ref he was stupid making 3 changes at once i ama leeds supporter and i think he has lost the plot cnt see us going anywhere this yr besy player could be out for season and this take over on of better doing the hockie cookie for god sake div1 here we come

Anonymous said...


Hammersfan said...

1517 - Do you remember Bremner's disgraceful behaviour in the Charity Shield Final? Do you remember Jack Charlton claiming to have a little black book of players' names whose legs he intended to break? Do you remember Giles and Hunter kicking opponents up in the air? I do. Why were you called Dirty, Dirty Leeds exactly?

As for Charlton being a World Cup winner, any giraffe could have played alongside the great Bobby Moore!

KevinCebu said...

Yes you really are getting very tiresome boring and predictable. Bit like West Spam. Once a Wanker always a Wanker! MOT

Hammersfan said...

1431, I disagree. And so did the referee. And so did his assistants. End of. Oh no sorry, not end of, because Watford went on to score another five goals!

West Ham went down to 10 men and had an outfield player in goal but still won 4-1 away to Blackpool last season. But then West Ham were organised and had quality players. Unlike Leeds!

Hammersfan said...

Yep, boring boring West Ham Kevin, sitting in sixth in the Prem. If only we were as exciting as Leeds! Seventeenth in the Championship isn't it? And isn't this just what I predicted at the start of the season? Boring but accurate eh?

Anonymous said...

Leeds - yeah, they were famous in the 70s under Don 'Saudi' Revie, easily the dirtiest team I've ever seen, hackers and cloggers to a man. As they say 'oop north', where there's muck, there's......muck. And HF, why write about Colin wanker and his team of nonentities ? Same thing with the grinnjing Eyetalian./ Stick to Irons please !!

Anonymous said...

Booby Moore

West ham 6th...haha
Can you ever imagine being top?

Can you ever imagine being top of the top league at the end of a season?
Leeds fans don't have to swivel off

Anonymous said...

C'mon everyone loves big Jack?
now you are being really stupid...

Bobby Moore? One man team was he?, yes i remember him winning the world cup playing in 11 positions...silly silly comment mate!

Bremner in the charity shield?, Who was the other protagonist? Keegan?, are you going to judge Keegans entire career on that incident?

You must be getting upset to start spouting such rubbish that you know isn't true.

It has been well established that your pre season predictions could also have been predicted by your average 5 year old.

West Ham are doing great, miles better than I thought. So that's great news for fans of the Hammers.

yeah 6th place is a great achievement.

Leeds have gone down the pan, EVERYONE knows that Warnock is at best a good championship manager.

A team thrown together for next to nothing, high expectations as ever, problems throughout the team and club.

Hard times for fans of Leeds,
you might want to gloat and goad Leeds fans for fun?, why? when your own team is doing so well. I would be too busy enjoying myself than thinking of hate and bile to throw at others?

I thought you were a grown up educated fella?

Anonymous said...

Horrible Leeds.Grayson and Clayton are where they a top well run club sitting pretty in the most competitive league in world.enjoy league 1 next year you disgusting team. Ps got to love Warnock and jeppo and Peltier x

Anonymous said...

Why don't you give it a rest you sad boring tosser?

Anonymous said...

I see it still gets a rise out of Hammersfan when the 'cheating West Ham' Tevez affair is brought up

This is why he hates Warnock so passionately and he starts mouthing off about Leeds players of 40 years ago being dirty.

All a bit sad really. A pathetic jealous bitter blogger who supports a nothing team

Hammersfan said...

Do you get a rise? Don't think so. The judgement was passed, we have moved on. Mind you, Leeds were docked 15 points for CHEATING so best not move on to that subject if I were you!