Monday, 19 November 2012

Jarvis and Benayoun to start against Stoke?

No definite news on the Jarvis and Benayoun front. Both came off early against Newcastle and with the extra day's recovery time, let's hope both are fit to start tonight. If not, Allardyce has a problem.

Maiga doesn't yet cut it for me, despite that goal. Too often he makes the wrong choices, trying to run at men when he should pass; or stopping to pass backwards when momentum should be maintained. His brain seems scrambled, perhaps by tension.

Taylor is fit to return and I fear that if both Yossi and Jarvis are ruled out, Allardyce will go into the game with Matty T and O'Neil. That would be compact but would offer us very little going forward. Besides that, there's only the kids.

What this shows, of course, is that the squad is still too thin. We need another full back, one more midfielder and one or two strikers to see us comfortably through the season.


Anonymous said...

Murray is banging them in for palace, could be worth a go.

Anonymous said...

Surely some barbed comment about Watford and Zola should have gone into this're slipping!

Or perhaps another win on Saturday means you have nothing to say; at least try and keep up a pretence of balance.

Anonymous said...

We don't need a full back. We need a LEFT back. Every game we've lost or struggled is because the opposing team took advantage of the left. If I played against wallets game I'd tell my team to stay wide and penetrate that left side everytime. The only games we win are games teams fail to stay wide