Sunday, 25 November 2012

Time For Carroll To Deliver!

If Carroll were playing for Tottenham and had gone this long without a goal, we would all know what to expect come the fixture with West Ham. Remember Torres rediscovering his scoring boots in time for the match with us two seasons back - before throwing them away again?

An Andy Carroll goal, like a number 37 bus, has to come along eventually! And when a number 37 does eventually show up, there's usually another two sniffing around its exhaust, competing with it to determine which will crawl to a stop last.

With Jarvis returning from injury, this really could be the day. Spurs are hopefully tired and traumatised after theit trip to Rome and AVB will be under the microscope with 'Arry returning to the Premiership. Allardyce loves these sorts of games, pitching his experience against the inflated reputation of a big name foreign coach.

How good is this Spurs team? Bale is brilliant, but Bale apart, they no longer scream class to me. Adebayor's sending off must help, and it is rare for West Ham to benefit from the rub of the green like that.

I'm not predicting victory, I wouldn't be that presumptious and would never deliberately provoke fate in that way, but IF Carroll scores, it could be game on. We need a point at least, to maintain the gap between ourselves and the teams at the bottom.


USA Dave said...

I normally share your fear and pessimism. But Reading lost. QPR lost. Sunderland lost. Villa got a point. Not sure why we need a point to maintain the ten point gap that existed a few days ago and still exists today.

Look, the average point total for 17th place teams since the birth of the EPL is 39. Interestingly, the highest point total in that same span is Sam's Bolton in 02-03 at 44. So 20 points from 26 games shouldnt be a problem.

Hammersfan said...

I hope you don't live to regret those words Dave. By the way, 37 points max to stay up this season!

Anonymous said...

Usa dave. You seem like a really interesting bloke. The life and soul of any party. How come you're in the usa? Are you another autistic computer hacker who got deported? Still at least you give hf someone to talk to about your pokey little club. Congrats to Spurs from all Leeds fans. Ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Oh and i see that once again caroll didn't deliver. Shame eh?

USA Dave said...

Not a matter of regret or hope. Just stating the facts. The other results didnt make a point that important today vis a vie the bottom three. Southampton look like they may have turned a corner, but its still 9 points. Just as it was before today.

We looked very poor going forward today and deserved the thumping.