Sunday, 25 November 2012

Half Time Tottenham 1 West Ham 0 - Outclassed So Far

No complaints. Spurs were by far the better team first half. Bale's pace and movement are terrifying and our midfield are chasing shadows. Noble's lack of pace has been exposed a number of times and Defoe did him far too easily ahead of firing home a superb goal. From the moment he turned Reid we were in trouble, but again, credit where credit is due, he attacked the space behind Reid, jinked inside one challenge, turned back inside Noble and then fired home an unstoppable shot. Hurts to say it but it was a brilliant goal.

Going forward we have offered nothing. Maiga was pulled off after 31 minutes and I saw no sign of an injury. The guy was crap once again I'm afraid, too often stationary when receiving the ball and needing ten minutes thinking time before attempting to move it on.

The back four keep dropping very deep, terrified of Bale, Lennon and Defoe getting behind them, and there are huge gaps between them and the midfield when ever Spurs attack. Diame has lost possession countless times and neither Nolan nor Carroll have been in the game. But at least Nolan is running. I've spotted Carroll break into one sprint so far and have lost count of the number of times he is either stationary or walking. He needs a rocket up his arse and I hope Allardyce is delivering it. At one point Nolan gave him a mouthful, and quite rightly.

O'Brien will be walking a tightrope throughout the second half because of his early booking. Can we get back in the game? Not unless we can either get hold of the ball. The trouble is, we lack the pace to score on the break.

Sadly we have been outclassed so far, which is worrying with the phase of games we are now in to!


Sav said...

It was a brilliant goal? Christ, have you been watching the same game I was? Or as usual you want to cover up what has really happenned and how much your Mr. Noble could have prevented Defoe from scoring but he chose to run across him and turn his back. The last thing you want to allow is let Defoe run take aim and shoot.

At the very least your spoiled protege should have done enough to break Defoe's stride. Even if he just stood in front of him rater than passing across him would have been enough to prevent the goal.

Even a foul would also have been a better option than running by him as he was getting ready to shoot. How could you have missed all that? Sometimes you only see what we want to see...

Hammersfan said...

That is hugely unfair Sav. I quote myself:

"Noble's lack of pace has been exposed a number of times and Defoe did him far too easily ahead of firing home a superb goal…turned back inside Noble and then fired home an unstoppable shot."

So please explain how I have covered up for my "protoge"? I think I allocated responsibility fairly. It was Reid who was marking him and who was turned. It was Jarvis, I think, who hang out a leg and offered no sort of challenge, and it was Noble who was, I quote, done "far too easily". All that said, it was a brilliant goal if you look at it from Defoe's contribution!

Anonymous said...

You should be ashamed of yourself,posting while the game is on. Proof if it were needed that you're not a fan,just an attention seeking gobshite. Anyway well done Spurs and Defoe. How embarrassing for you,getting "hammered" by another club you've vainly attempted to take the piss out of. Leeds win and the Bow Belles lose. Perfection.

Anonymous said...

how many away wins so far ?

Nice to see Leeds lad Lennon rip you apart xxx

Hammersfan said...

Why when I am in Romania 1752?

Anonymous said...

Bloody stay there then. Wouldn't it be a super ending to a super weekend if you found you had a tumour on your liver or brain? Fingers crossed.