Sunday, 18 November 2012

QPR Crisis Deepens as Sunderland Win at Fulham and Warnock of Leeds Plunges in the Knife!

It never rains but it pours. Mark Hughes walked out on Fulham claiming they couldn't match his ambition, but I bet he was praying for Jol's band of no futures to win today. No such luck for the hapless Sparky, as Fulham went down to 10 men and slumped to defeat at home to O'Neill's previously goal shy Sunderland.

And to add insult to injury, his predecessor at QPR, old Big Gob Warnock, has plunged in the knife, claiming Hughes should shut up about the mess he inherited after the Great One was sacked and focus on the bigger mess he has created since being appointed. Warnock, of course, points out that QPR were in a better position at the equivalent stage of last season and claims that Hughes has destroyed the great team spirit that he, the mighty Warnock, created at QPR.

And of course Warnock has replicated the same great dressing room spirit at Leeds, with very similar results. QPR were hovering above the drop zone of the Prem when he was sacked in January after a winless run, and Leeds are in a very similar position in the Championship and are, themselves, putting together an impressive series of games without victory. But they are trying according to Warnock. Very trying for their long suffering fans!

Warnock has told Hughes to "look to his own house" and to "put his own house in order". Leeds fans might justifiably say the same back to Warnock, with knobs on!

Meanwhile Redknapp sits and awaits the phone call. Mind you, QPR go to Old Trafford next week so 'Arry might want to pass on that one. After all, why not let Hughes rot in Hell for one week longer?


Anonymous said...

Yes, from what i can see Warnock seems to be talking alot of sense too.

Anonymous said...

Warnock is still right for Leeds

Anonymous said...

Your a w&nker

crusader knight said...

have you gone full time to write about leeds,christ fella is there nothing on the telly for you

Anonymous said...

I agree with Neil he is right and he never spent the money that Hughes has on a series of has been players!!!

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Some Leeds fans. Pride comes before a fall. It is time to stop the mistakes. Warnock is one big, big mistake.

The guy makes excuses, defects attention from his and his team poor performances.

He as much as much the current Chairman and the wallies in the desert, trying to organise a whip round for a few million they don't have should leave this once great club alone.

Bring in another new owner not the lot that have been sat in their tents praying for the Capital to buy the club.

Darren Ferguson, Joe Jordan or if you could get him Staurt Pearce should be approached to replace Warnock now, without delay.

Anonymous said...

Are your for real