Sunday, 18 November 2012

Why QPR need not panic

At times like this there seems no hope. Four points from twelve games? That puts you on target to finish with 12 points over a 38 game season.

But one win changes everything. Win the next match and you are suddenly on course for 20 points. Win the next and you are scheduled for 27 points. Hope returns!

How many points do QPR need for safety? 34. From how many games? 26. That's just 1.3 points per game, or 49 points over a 38 game season. Most gRs would have fancied QPR to secure close to 50 points before the season kicked off, so hit par form from now until May and QPR should survive.

The big worry, however, is the teams that QPR have dropped points against at Loftus Road. Had they been losing to Arsenal, Man City and Man Utd, fair enough; but they haven't. Swansea, Reading,  Southampton and West Ham are all very winnable games; Everton are not impossible to beat either as Reading showed yesterday. So only Chelsea have been a stern test.

So the big question is, where are the points going to come from? Last season, Hughes motivated the team to play above themselves in games against Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and, despite the defeat, even Man City at the Etihad, proving that these types of games cannot be written off; however, gimme home points are few and far between.

Sunderland, Villa, Norwich, Wigan, Stoke, West Brom - these games HAVE to be won. That's 18 points which added to 4 would give QPR 22; but that still leaves the club needing another 16 points.

16 points? No problem! Win three away from West Ham, Southampton, Villa and Wigan and you only need a few draws to stay up.  QPR are at 31 already!

It is far from hopeless but the margins of error decrease as every week passes without a victory. Fernandes wants to stand by Hughes but can he afford to? Redknapp will have his escape route mapped out already. He will tell the players they can do it and they will believe him. At the moment, every time Hughes opens his mouth, the QPR players simply think 'desperate loser'. It's no time to panic; but it is time to change the manager!

Don't panic! Don't panic! It was the catchphrase of Corporal Jones; the only trouble is, Corporal Jones died last week!


planetman said...

Do you ever actually talk about West Ham any more HF? I've given up reading your blog as there is so little West Ham content on there.

Anonymous said...

Back to the championship for us hf mate tony won't sack Hughes until Christmas then it will be to late not even Harry will be able to save us what happens after that I Dred to think bloody football team.
Congratulations to the hammers by the way they have really surprised me I thought you would struggle but then again I thought rangers would finish mid table what the hell do I know all the best fella I hope Romania is treating you well