Sunday, 6 March 2011

Clattenbung May Quit! Party Time for Piquionne!!!

Well I won't shed any tears if he does, and Freddie Piquionne should send him a card saying, "Not a moment too soon" following the disgraceful decision to disallow our last kick of the game winner at Wolves.

There will be lots of chest thumping, lots of people saying that the poor referees are in an impossible position, but some of these decisions are disgraceful. The Clattenbung one at Wolves was one of the worst I have ever seen because he was behind Piquionne when he made the call so it was impossible for him to see a handball, even if Freddie had handled it - which, of course, he didn't.

We may yet be relegated because of that decision, a decision that Clattenbung was impossibly placed to make. His arrogance in striking off that goal was incredible, and his failure to apologise afterwards and for labelling Piquionne a cheat by booking him, was disgraceful.

Go Clattenbung, go. And good riddance I say! But I suspect Ferguson will talk him out of it by offering him a new contract!


Sav said...

Finally! You see the truth. Remember what I wrote about British referees and how they destroy the beautiful game? Clattenburg leads the way! What an absolute a**e!

What about the one who refereed the game at the Emirates against Sunderland. Disallowed a perfectly good goal and did not give a clear penalty to Arsenal and a red card to the Sunderland defender who pushed Arshavin as he was about to shoot in the penalty area. So many examples, one can go and on. Referees destroy the game in England! Period.

Stani Army said...

But Grant thinks he's one of our best refs HF.

Good riddance to him. Give the job to Sian Massey.

du3l said...

Go Clattenbung, go.

John said...

I don't know about him having the option of quitting A guy that gets things as wrong as he does should be thrown out