Saturday, 19 March 2011

What a mad mad mad season this is!

At around about 4.30 this afternoon, Wigan were cut adrift, Wolves were second from bottom, West Brom were clear of trouble, Blackpool were breathing more easily, we were fourth from bottom and Blackburn were in the bottom three. Then Blackburn scored. They were still losing, but goal difference took them above us and put us back in a relegation place. Unable to cope with the tension, I went out to make myself a cup of tea and "forgot about bloody football".

Then the season went crazy again. Arsenal fought back to get a draw, pulling the Baggies back into trouble; Blackburn equalised, lifting themselves up to THIRTEENTH and pulling Blackpool back down into the quicksand; and Wigan came back from the dead, scoring a late winner against Birmingham. Suddenly, we were back out of the bottom three and Birmingham, proud holders of the League Cup, had sunk beneath the cut off line. Wigan are back on our shoulder, Wolves are level on points with us but with a marginally inferior goal difference and Aston Villa hover just above the drop, with only one more point than we have. If Fulham lose at Everton they are still in the shit and even Newcastle are not out of the woods after their 4-0 thumping at Stoke!

Thirteenth to eighteenth are separated by just ONE POINT and thirteenth and twentieth by just THREE POINTS. The game has gone crazy, with knobs on!


jim wicks said...

This season in the madest I have
seen fot years. Concievably any three
from twelve can be relegated! No one
is safe with only eight games to play!
How can any fan feel safe yet!!

Sav said...

It is imperative we go into the MU game with belief to get three points. Our fixtures programme is still the worst one. We must get a win against ManUre. We should select exactly the same back four as we had at Spurs. It is our best possible back four. Also, I would like to see Noble changed with someone who can do some real defending and fewer mistakes in the centre. Piquionne possibly?

jim wicks said...

West ham have eight games left this season so has the ten teams around us.
To be honest the games against the top five are just as winable.
More important is the games against the teams around us.
Taking points off each other is what is going to decide who goes down and who stays up.

Stani Army said...

I think WBrom and Wigan have equally hard fixtures. Wolves are the lucky ones though.

fred1149 said...

sorry sav but noble wasnt making as many mistakes as parker yesterday he didnt misplace a pass almost letting tottenham in did he he also made some good runs forward yesterday i really think you are blinded by teh fact you just dont want to see him succeed

Sav said...

Where did you get the idea that I don't want to see Noble succeed Fred1149? I rather like Noble as a guy and I do very much want to see him succeed. Especially because I know he is home grown and West Ham supporter through and through. However, he is capable for much more than he shows on the field. He lacks confidence going forward and his defending is tentative to say the least. I know Parker made some mistakes yesterday but one can forgive these as the exception to the rule.

Chunky said...

After this weekend i think Villa could be bigger contenders for the drop than many give them credit for. Against Wolves they looked very, very nervous. The same nerves that we had during the first half of the season that kept us rooted to the bottom.

Too good to go down? not if they have that mentality. The crowd are hostile, manager is clueless, and the players seem to be absorbing this negitivity.