Saturday, 5 March 2011

Hoddle Shows Lack of Respect

Dean Richards funeral
Remember back to when Glenn Hoddle left Southampton to become the Tottenham manager, how did he upset the Saints fans? They accepted his return to his former club - it wasn't like Redknapp's defection from Pompey to Southampton after all; what infuriated them was the way he plundered a certain Dean Richards, returning to his former employers to sign the uncapped centre back.

The deal was controversial for both sets of fans. The Southampton fans felt betrayed by Hoddle, and the Tottenham fans queried Glenn's judgement. £8.1 million for a centre back who hadn't even been capped by England? Too much surely!

The funeral of Dean Richards was held yesterday in Bradford. He was just 36 years old when he died. Robbie Keane was there. So were James Beattie, Steve Bull and Chris Kamara. But where was Hoddle, the man who bought him twice, for Southampton and Tottenham? Well a mate of mine, a Tottenham fan as it happens, bumped into him in the lobby of the Holiday Inn in Guildford!

Now, there's respect from God's Great Disciple of 5-3-2! Mind you, Hoddle was on his mobile when spotted. Perhaps he was ringing Eileen Drewery on behalf of Dean, asking her about her Lazarus Programme!


Anonymous said...

Agree with your sentiments but afraid it was Dave Jones who took Deano to Saints - Hoddle inherited him there - and he was a really classy centre back

Hammersfan said...

Was it? I wasn't sure. He bought him for Spurs anyway and worked with him at two clubs.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahahahahaha you winkle. If you weren't sure why write it.... mmmmwwwwwwwaaahhhhaaaahhhaaaaaa

Ian said...

So, the question has to be asked - Was Dave Jones at the funeral?

And, yes Dean was a superb centre back. He should have played for England.

Hammersfan said...

1702, still have your bollocks caught in that vice I see. Still think we should have retained Zola? mmmmwwwwwwwaaahhhhaaaahhhaaaaaa!