Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Dyer announces he has no money worries!

How galling is it to read that money is not a factor for Dyer when he decides where to sit out his football next season? Money isn't an issue but he refused an offer to buy out his West Ham contract of course - well why would you walk away from £83,000 per week for sitting on your arse in the treatment room?

Kieron positively gloats when he says, "I have not got to think about money in the summer when my West Ham contract ends. It is a good situation to be in" and, in case we missed it first time around, adds, ""I don't have to worry about money and through my injury problems it has been wanting to play that has driven me on." Bollocks! What's driven him on is the next pay cheque and the fact that a compensation payout in the event of career termination would amount to a reduced payment overall .

So Dyer has kept himself one hop, skip and limp ahead of retirement for three years now, in the process pocketing in the region of £13million for doing next to nothing. Dyer doesn't want to be known as a sick note apparently. Quite right too, if he is a piece of paper, it is a bank deposit slip!


el martillo said...

You've got to laugh though. Gold complains that Dyer is a waste of money and thinks he aught to do the decent thing and retire; and then sanctions a three year deal for Benni McCarthy! Next year's model, should we stay up, is Robbie Keane.

Anonymous said...

What is worrying is that Dyer cites our medical team/nominated specialists as misdiagnosing both his hamstring problems and thigh problems over the past 18th months

I do wonder just how competent our medical team is as mid-long term injuries seem to always happen to our players

Headmaster said...

I have an email in my inbox at work relating to a dinner lady at work who has been off for over 6 months with a life threatening cancer condition and as a consequence is now set to go down to half pay. She earns around £6 an hour. And Dyer is disappointed about the sick note tag. Yeah, right.

Chunky said...

They should start making him earn his money somehow. Perhaps cleaning all the toilets in the Boleyn after match days. Perhaps Sulli could use an extra fluffer for his next production?