Thursday, 3 March 2011

Jordan still holding us in SuSpence!

So when is Jordan Spence going to step up to the first team exactly? I keep reading that the guy has bags of potential and he certainly does not lack in confidence in his own ability, describing himself as  a "right-back or centre-half and a...composed defender brought up obviously playing football at West Ham" and claiming "one of my key attributes is that I'm quite quick and I look to get forward when the time's right."

Bloody hell, isn't that exactly what we need? A tall, quick, footballing playing right back with the ability to get forward? Why did we keep messing around with Faubert exactly?

The lad came on as a sub against Man City in the last game of last season and didn't look out of place to me. But the club has just announced that he has been sent out on loan to that Mecca of football, Bristol City. Why? If Jacobsen pulls up lame, wouldn't Spence be a better bet than want away Faubert?

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Kevin Manchester writes...

I agree. Also quite bright apparently; went to grammar school gcse'd up to the eyeballs.

I don't know what to make of our youth system. There have been so many 'next off the production line' buzzes around so many of our youth in the last ten years - who then end up being shipped out, Leon Britton, Chris Cohen, Tony
Stokes, Freddie Eastwood et al.

Then there are those that seem to be around forever without making any progress as far the first team is concerned- Spence, Montano,Abdullah and now the new Australian kid Tombides is it? Wasn't there a Polish kid too and isn't there another Jordan someone around.

Then there are the ones we have seen; Tomkins, Collinson, Stanislas, Hines, Edgar. In this respect and this respect alone..a spell in the championship may not be a bad thing- perhaps it'll give those who need further development the right environment to move their game forward, although obviously Tomkins and Collinson are premiership class already.