Saturday, 29 May 2010

Let's hope Capello leaves Parker out!

The West Ham fans calling for Parker's inclusion in the World Cup squad might like to stop and think for a moment. How, exactly, would that be in the club's interests?

I am not Parker's biggest fan, believing that he lacks the vision necessary to succeed at the highest level. I also think that "turning circles" in your own half will equate to turning into trouble when up against the very best players. Parker only needs to lose possession once for England's World Cup chances to go down the pan. Then there is his appalling goal scoring record and, more worrying still, the number of times he commits yellow cardable fouls. Parker would be a fair bet to see red even if a referee worked on the Graham Poll principle of three yellows and you're off.

But, leaving aside England's needs for a moment, lets think this through from the club's perspective. If Parker doesn't make the cut, he returns to West Ham without a ridiculously inflated ego, and with a summer to rest. If he goes to South Africa and succeeds, you can bet your mortgage on him leaving in the close season: why would a World Cup superstar hang around at Upton Park after last season? If he goes to South Africa and fails, however, how will that affect his confidence for next season? Either way, by being with the squad, he will lose valuable time for resting his body ready for the challenges ahead. Players regularly under perform after a World Cup campaign because they go into the next season physically and mentally tired. Can we afford to have a tired Parker, especially given his injury record? And talking about that injury record, what if he breaks down in South Africa and we lose him for the start of next season?

All in all, it would be in the club's interests if Parker was sent packing by Capello.


Anonymous said...

I really hope Parker makes the squad. It's an honour not just for them but good for the club that our players are chosen by their respective countries. Aside from that I think we need him to do a job out there.
Why did you not put up my comment on the Barnes thread from yesterday? Yes it was critical of you but there was no swearing and it was not abusive in any way. If you carry on like this fewer people will contribute to your site. I thought you welcomed debate but maybe my words were too close to home?

Hammersfan said...

It was a simple matter of having to moderate out 15 messages carrying sexual comments and foul language and ticking yours my mistake. Once it was accidentally included, it could not be retrieved. Three other valid responses, all of which were complimentary, went the same way. That's the trouble with twats deliberately trying to post foul abuse I'm afraid, the innocent sometimes suffer; thus the need for the moderator facility at the moment.

I will reply, having read your comments, that I visit other West Ham blogs regularly and NEVER feel the need to post a comment. That does not mean that I am not interested in the article, it simply means that I am there to read what is said, not to leave my opinion. There is a huge difference between a blog site and a chat forum. This is a blog site as I have said many times before. Those that choose to contribute regualarly add to the site, in my opinion, even when criticising but the persistent abuse and constant repetition of the same point over and over and over again (hit counter / everybody hates you etc)has become very boring. The fact is, the site gets lots of hits and has lots of regulars who do not feel the need to post replies, they simply enjoy the content then move on to another site.

Here's an analogy that might help you to understand. How many times do you rate porn videos when you check them out on the net? Does that mean you haven't enjoyed watching them?

Stani Army said...

I think he was just taken as a back-up for GarryBarry. Capello got word around the time of the Mexico game that Barry may make it so didn't need to use Parker at all against Mexico. If he doesn't use him tomorrow then Parker is 100% staying home.

Don't be surprised if he drops Upson as well, as though he's taken Carragher for right back cover, he gives Capello the option of center back cover too (Then there's the King factor). This means Capello can use that extra place created for a midfielder or striker which he will in my opinion by taking Adam Johnson, Joe Cole, Walcott and Lennon along with Barry, Lampard, Gerrard and Milner, and the 5 strikers. So in my opinion, he'll use that spot taken from defence to have 8 midfielders. 5 strikers, 8 midfielders, 7 defenders and 3 keepers.

How about an analogy for me HF? :)

Stani Army said...

Capello: "Barry is getting better and better, he has improved a lot and the doctor has said he will probably be ok for South Africa but we need to have a last check by the doctor."

England team to face Japan:

David James, Glen Johnson, John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, Theo Walcott, Tom Huddlestone, Frank Lampard, Aaron Lennon, Wayne Rooney, Darren Bent.

Parker is staying home.

T.I.S said...

I agree, Parker going would ultimately benefit nobody. Lampard will give pretty much the same contribution but with more goals, or how about Gerrard? didn't he used to be a defensive mid?

Shaun said...

HF...I think you're being a bit harsh on Scotty here!

Parker's a true pro, and holds great respect amongst his peers. He's done pretty well to make such a massive contribution to retaining our Premiership status, get named West Ham Player of the Season AND deservedly merit selection in Capello's provisional World Cup squad in the same season! I'd call it due recognition for him....not bad for someone who 'lacks vision and creativity' huh?!

I hope he does make the 23! If he's allowed enough pitch time tomorrow against Japan to impress, and Barry is struggling to prove his fitness...then rest assured, Mr Capello will be writing down what it says on the side of his expensive ballpen...PARKER!

It's possibly his last throw of the dice as far as major international tournaments are concerned? But I'm certain he'll return to West Ham for the start of next season fit, enthusiastic and ready to fire! There'll be no fatigue! There'll be no over-inflated ego...that's not him. He's the pro's pro...he's Mr West Ham after all!..England awaits!

Anonymous said...

Fair points, I can see how the repetition of Abusive negtive comments towards you would become tedious but not entirely sure mine are in that vain. As a family man I don't generally appreciate pornography analogies but I suppose with our new owners I should get with the times

Hammersfan said...

16.30, why not sign in with a user name? It would make it much easier to engage with you, knowing you are not one of the idiots who post the revoltingly abusive stuff. Why post under "anonymous"?

Shaun said...

Stani 14:17... Yep, agree totally! Only just seen the team for tomorrow's match v Japan. Parker doesn't he'd have to have a pretty impressive 2nd half, assuming he does come on, to be in with any chance!

No Upson either. No surprise there though! Capello has been quoted as saying he already knows 20 out of the 23...AND he knows who will be his first choice in goal!? RG HF??

Stani Army said...

Yep, if there are no injuries, Green may well be the only hammer (current). Sad though as I would have liked to see Parker go. In my opinion, he would be the first to go from our team as I think he is a much better midfielder than Green is a keeper and Upson a defender. I think Capello is showing favouritism with Barry, like our previous manager showed with some of our players. What is it with these Italian managers?

cat said...

I think that Capello should simply pick the strongest squad for whatever he thinks he feels he needs to achieve. As far as I'm concerned, there are only six feasible outcomes;

1) Parker is picked and he doesn't play.

Well, how do you feel about him? Do his captains credentials grow from his inclusion in the England Squad? I for one don't know.

2) He gets selected. He plays and gets injured (mildly).

There are obviously a lot of variables here. What does "mildly" mean? If he's able to recover for the start of the Premier league season, will he be be boosted by his inclusion?

3) He gets selected. He plays and gets injured (seriously).

This is the only genuinely poor outcome I can think of. West Ham without Parker will surely get relegated next year. The team will be too disjointed without him.

4)He's selected and plays successfully.
What do we call here? It all depends on what you make of the player. Does he need success? Does he need a kick in the arse? Will success guarantee his departure? Will he remain loyal?

5)He plays a pivotal role in England's 2010 world cup win, stays loyal to West Ham's developmental dream, and is the standard bearer for years to come.

&) He plays a pivotal role in England's 2010 world cup win and defects as fast as his check book will carry him.

I still believe that footballers live a precarious existence that they can never predict from one month to the next. Why I've bothered type this I've no idea...

Ian Wilson

Hammersfan said...

It was a good read Ian. Welcome on board.

Shaun said...

Stani.... It's jobs for the boys mate! Pure and simple nepotism! It's gotta be...I mean, the only reason he's taking Crouch is to put the nets up for training and take them down again after!
Heskey will probably go because they need a mule to hump all the heavy kit around!
Jamie Carragher must go to interpret for Stevie G!!
...and JT is going at the request of the rest of the squad so they know EXACTLY where he is!

Ian... so you think Scotty P WILL be on the plane?
I would have hoped so too, but my opinion is that we'll all be disappointed...and taking the injured Barry to 'see how he is after the USA game' is simply a slap in the face by Capello!