Monday, 31 May 2010

Poor Unloved Upson

Has ever a player had so few fans? Poor old Matty may be about to wave his mates off on a World Cup adventure, before skulking off home to wonder where it all went wrong; and nobody seems to have a kind word to say for him.

I ran an article yesterday on the injustice of Carragher and King being allowed back into the squad, and NOBODY put in a kind word for Matty. Where were the West Ham fans lining up in support of the club's (embarrassed cough) captain? Carragher cheated us out of the FA Cup but West Ham fans still bite their tongues rather than voice support for Upson. King plays for hated rivals Tottenham, but not a word has been spoken in defence of England's Mr Dependable Matty Upson as he faces crushing heart break.

Where's David Sullivan? He has an opinion on everything else so why hasn't he come out and pledged his support for the (polite cough) rock of our defence? Surely he could have spoken up? Let's face it, if Upson went to South Africa and had a good World Cup, his value would rise.

Indeed, never mind West Ham fans or people connected with the club, Upson has been linked with both Tottenham and Liverpool, and none of their fans seem to rate the guy either. He's useless according to the fans of the clubs he seems most likely to join! Don't expect a great welcoming party if you go Matty!

Where did it all go wrong Matty? Well if you put yourself into cruise control, pacing yourself for the World Cup at the end of the season, it is desperately difficult to change gear in the final third of the season. Poor old Matty will be standing at the Easyjet check in desk, demanding to be allowed on the plane. "What do you mean I've turned up late? But that was playing for West Ham, that doesn't count! Look, I earn more than almost every other player at the World Cup, perhaps I could make it worth your while. The plane hasn't left yet has it?"

Poor old Matty. Poor, poor, old Matty. Poor, poor, rich, old Matty. But don't worry Matty, over in South Africa, all the crocodiles have heard about your plight and are crying!


Shaun said...

HF...I hate stating the obvious but the final 23 hasn't actually been formally announced yet!

Capello actually stated that yesterday's kick-about was of no consequence as far as his selections are concerned as he already had 22 players in mind, plus the injured Barry!

That said, exactly what was the point of the game then?! Risking players now seems plain daft! Rooney was tear-arsing round like a demented spaniel after a tennis ball at times and Gerrard was limping at the end! I noticed he rested his No.1 keeper though?!

I wouldn't be surprised to hear Upson's name read out tomorrow. After Capello's comments, it's not beyond the realms of improbability that Parker's name will be there too! I hope so for his sake.

Hammersfan said...

I have posted that I think he will be included. My seven to stay home are Walcott, Huddlestone, Dawson, Parker, Warnock, Bent and Johnson. That's NOT my preferred seven, but that's who I think Capello will go with. I would take Johnson and, after the showing of Carrick and Huddlestone, might even take Parker.

Hammersfan said...

The point of the article, by the way, is that NOBODY is making Upson's case.

Shaun said...

I'm well aware of the point of the article HF, but as I said, Capello already has the blueprint of the 23 maybe Upson's case doesn't need making...just packing!!

I've got a feeling that Carrick's name was already on the list...but if Barry isn't fit, then Parker HAS to go...doesn't he?!

Hammersfan said...

I reckon Boa Morte has more chance of making tthe Portugal squad than Parker has of going to South Africa - Capello clearly doesn't rate him. Loses possession too often for Capello's liking I suspect.

Anonymous said...

I love Upson as he is white. From a proud BNP hammersfan

T.I.S said...

I'm sure there are plenty of West Ham fans defending his position in the squad.

Dan said...

I actually think Upson will do good for England. We would be relegated without him in the team. He is under appreciated.

Shaun said...

BREAKING NEWS - EXCLUSIVE: Fabio Capello has just announced the team he would like to take to the World Cup in South Africa.... it's Spain!