Friday, 28 May 2010

Tranmere Players Get Their Knickers In A Twist

We always suspected that the females up North were lacking a little in the class department, but I don't think we understood fully how low some of them are in the table of gentility. News has broken that a Merseyside female football captain has been cleared of causing grievous bodily harm on her opponent after a league match turned ugly.

Trouble flared at the end of the game between Middlesbrough Ladies and Tranmere Ladies at Billingham Synthonia Ground, when Boro striker Nicola Duckling and Tranmere captain Lindsey Smith clashed.

All 22 players got involved in the row, which included allegations of spitting, a head-lock and a knee to the face, before they were split up, Teesside Crown Court heard.

And 30 minutes later in the car park, Ms Smith approached Ms Duckling, who was with her partner and Boro goalkeeper Ami Bullen, and punched her once in the face, leaving her needing surgery for a broken cheekbone. Ms Smith, 23, of Beckwith Street, Birkenhead, denied a charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm, claiming self-defence.

A jury cleared her after deliberating for more than four hours. Outside court, an emotional Ms Smith said: "I am happy it is over and done with now. The last nine months have been hell, getting accused of something I didn't do. I did punch her, I admitted that, but a lot of lies have been told about me right the way through this court case."

She told the court she believed she was going to be attacked in the car park, bearing in mind what she claimed had happened at the end of the game. Tranmere won 3-2 after Middlesbrough missed a penalty after the referee had played 10 minutes of added-on time. Players had exchanged banter throughout, with Tranmere players being branded "Scouse scum" and taunted with "Get back to your council house", the court heard.

After the final whistle, Ms Smith claimed Ms Duckling got her in a head lock, spat in her face, pulled her shirt up and kneed her in the head, twice. It was claimed the Boro goalkeeper ran the length of the pitch to join in the melee.

Boro players rejected her account in court and Ms Duckling said it was Ms Smith who put her in a headlock, which she shrugged off. She denied spitting in the face of her opponent. After showering and having a drink, Ms Smith went over to Ms Duckling to get some answers to what happened on the pitch, saw the Boro player had her hands raised, so struck out once.

Ms Smith has been suspended by the Football Association since the incident - only the second match of the league season - in August, the court heard. She was sent off once before in her career, for swearing, the jury of eight women and four men was told.

Beautiful, just beautiful! West Ham fans will have to change that song "You dirty Northern bastards!". Never mind the blokes, it's their birds who now come home punch drunk!

Just a footnote. We thought we had a tough time last season but check out the record of Darlington Ladies. Played 20, won one, lost 19, points 3, goal difference minus 166! Of course, being Northern gals, there wasn't a clean sheet in sight!


Stani Army said...

Reminds me of a story I read about an American female footballer. Check out her fouls!

Wookiee said...

Pity the team that lost to Darlington

Hammersfan said...

They didn't just lose to them, they were thumped 10-0! Best result saw Rochdale beat Darlington 26-0. Women's football!

Stani Army said...

It's mostly to do with the quality of keeping which is understandably very poor in the women's game. I think they should make the goals slightly smaller.

One thing I've noticed that they're better at than men though is their balance and ability to turn. Because of their lower center of gravity, they're able to do certain things men can't. It's noticeable to me anyway.

Hammersfan said...

Stani, does your religion permit such indulgencies? I will sidestep a whole series of cheap double entendres at this point!

Stani Army said...

Football an indulgence HF? :)

Come on HF, have you seen most of them? Apart from the Swedish national team, the others may as well be blokes.....and the only reason I watched the Swedes is to get an empathetic taste of what Dale experiences when he watches the guys week in week out. Yes, purely for research purposes.

I'm surprised you held back the double entendres. No risque pics lately either?! I thought Rushdie would have the opposite affect!