Friday, 28 May 2010

West Ham Opt For John Barnes

After seeing him in the "Playing For England" video, David Sullivan has launched a surprise move to sign former Watford and Liverpool great, John Barnes.

A spokesman for the club said: "David has always been a huge fan of John Barnes and after seeing him in the video was struck by how fit the former England player looks. True he has put on some weight, perhaps because he's eaten too many Mars Bars, but David reckons he is probably lighter than McCarthy and latest target Yakubu."

Barnes could yet arrive in a player manager capacity if Avram Grant decides not to take the job. Thiery Henry may also join, offering the exciting prospect of a heavy weight front five of McCarthy, Yakubu, Henry, Barnes and Boa-Morte. Fans will be reworking a Beatles classic, "He aint heavy, he's my striker!"


Sav said...

It is really depressing if we are to believe the age and weight bracket of the strikers the new owners had set their minds to securing for West Ham. We cannot afford another McCarthy in the team. We need young and agile strikers. Speed is far more important than weight!

H4MM3R said...

I'd be so glad if we were able to get Piquionne...He has the quality and ability we need up front...Sure, to sign Henry would be amazing but Piquionne seems more likely.

Revolver said...

If reports are to be believed we're also after Frederic Piquionne who was on loan at Portsmouth last season. He's 31 and scored 5 league goals in 34 appearances which is worse than Franco, so the decision to let the General go makes even less sense.

Apart from Piquionne we're also supposed to be interested in 3 other Portmouth players as well as their manager. Obviously G&S weren't satisfied with 17th place last season and are aiming for rock bottom!

By the way, your comments on West Ham are spot on but you know nothing about music. The Beatles classic you mention was actually recorded by the Hollies!

Stani Army said... we know what they meant by a 100k striker!

What are Mickey Quinn and Dean Windass up to these days?

In G&S we trust!

Anonymous said...

Well there's no point in coming here during the day time any more.... dead a the proverbial dodo. HF obviously doesn't do lunch breaks, I guess he's an HGV driver or something.

We've gone from 63 comments in a day to 1

Hammersfan said...

The difference is, the comments are worth reading. I would prefer not to have the moderator facility on but given your moronic behaviour, I have been left with no choice. The hits are just as high so I don't really care. And yes, I do work, but why being busy during the day would make me an HGV driver is beyond me!

Anonymous said...

That last comment really wasn't worth reading. You owe me 3 seconds.

Anonymous said...

@16:41 Actually matey you have me mistaken for someone else - the swearing I don't do and neither do I do the sexual stuff either - so you can plant "your moronic behaviour" on someone more fitting.

I always get the impression that you think all the posts that you don't agree with are down to just one person. From what I can see there are far many more detractors than regular posters.

I haven't noticed an improvement in quality; I visit a lot of West Ham blogs and this is the only place where the morons love to hang out.

If you weren't so thick skinned you would be asking yourself what is it about your blog that makes people react in the way that they do.

Unfortunately you'll never do that because you spend too much time obsessing about how big the number is on your counter, and if you ask me that's extremely revealing.

Hammersfan said...

What is far more revealing is your obsession with the @ key, your recurring use of the same phrases, and YOUR obsession with the hit counter. What sticks in your craw with an absolute vengeance is the success of this site. Try to let it go. You and your Org chums can't live without Fanno which is why you obsess so much about this site!

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda starting to like this site but the constant bickering, paranoia and bizarre references to 'the org' (whatever that is) are really weird.

(a different anonymous this time)