Saturday, 29 May 2010

Well Done Millwall

I don't suppose there will be many West Ham fans saying that, but Millwall belong in the Championship and after the heartache of last season, it's good to see them up there alongside Leeds and Norwich.

Millwall detractors will point to that dreadful bobble which cruelly denied Austin when he was clean through - Swindon should seek financial compensation from the owners of Wembley; that pitch really is a joke!

On the other hand, I'm not sure how an own goal can be disallowed for offside. The claim is that Amankwaah was under pressure from Trotter (who was offside when the ball was crossed) but had the Swindon player headed the ball TO Trotter, he would have played him on, so it seems a nonsense that it can be offside if the ball never even reaches the Millwall player! In my opinion the Millwall man did not become active because the ball never reached him!

It's all academic any way. Millwall are back where they belong and let's hope they stay there, whilst we stay in the division above, so maintaining our gloating rights.

Go on Hammers fans, show some charity, say well done to the Lions of Millwall for getting into the division that we would be horrified to find ourselves playing in!


trueyorxman said...

Well done indeed, I'm Leeds but have been impressed by Millwall when I've seen them in the last 2 seasons. Small squad but big hearts, good luck to 'em!

Anonymous said...

No Leeds fan could ever say that about Millwall. They simply timed their run of form for the most important part of the season. They have poor support (10,000 ave) and wont be able to compete in the championship.

Anonymous said...

Confirmed> as not a Hammer

Marko said...

I'm a Leeds fan too and have to say well done to of the better teams in League 1... and to be frank they pasted us twice this season and beat us in the Play Offs last season. Wouldn't be surprised if Kenny Jackett was in the frame if Larry got poached at some point?

Millwall have been there or thereabouts for the last 3 years and deserve it. Plus it's a great fixture for the banter...and how else will we get to see Right Said Fred in their retirement?!!!