Saturday, 27 November 2010

Half Time West Ham 1 Wigan 0 - The corpse twitches!

I wouldn't exactly pronounce the patient alive and kicking, but there are signs of life, a twiching of the eyelids, movement of a finger or two, a bending of the toes. We are not only ahead but look good for the lead.

What are the positives? Well it is a dangerous thing to say but Wally Downes may just have brought a sense of order to our back four. Tomkins and Upson have looked good at the heart of the defence and Wigan have only got down the flanks a couple of times. Gabbidon has played well thus far, and the midfield have served well as a protective screen. Green has taken a cross and not looked terribly troubled. I may regret saying that!

The goal was excellent. A lovely cross from deep from Jacobsen, a superb leap and head down from Piquionne and an excellent finish from Behrami. That's his second of the season. He will get a nose bleed if he's not careful! Joking apart, it was great to see him so far forward and getting in where it might hurt.

Most of our play has actually come down our left, with Piquionne and Obinna naturally pulling left, leaving the right flank under utilised in my opinion. Stanislas is coming inside every time he gets the ball still so it would be good to see Barerra and Jacobsen getting past the Wigan left back and banging in crosses. Piquionne has the beating of the Wigan centre backs in the air every time and forced a good save from a Stanislas corner.

Junior himself also forced an excellent save with a superb shot from just outside the box that was heading for the top corner.

Those moments apart, we haven't created a lot, but we could be three goals up with a little more luck.

What happens from here? We must not sit back and invite Wigan on but I fear that is what will happen. Grant has to lay into the players at half time and urge them to kill off Wigan, and Upson and Parker have to be real generals on the pitch.

The patient may not be dead yet. But if the life support is switched off in the second 45 then the headstone can be ordered!


Kareem said...

2-0! Obinna!

hammalot said...

we cant lose it from here can we?

Kareem said...

3-0 Parker, Obinna assist..that was nice!