Tuesday, 30 November 2010

West Ham 4 Man Utd 0 - Wake me up before you go go!

A man who went into a coma in 2003 woke up tonight and asked what had happened whilst he was asleep. "The Tories are back in power", his wife tells him. "No way!" the man replies. "Oh and America has a black President" she continues. The man whistles in disbelief. "Oh and West Ham have just beaten Manchester United 4-0" she adds. "Now I know you're pulling my fucking plonker!" the guy replies.

Sorry about the obscenity but really! Four bloody nil! Four bloody nil! Four bloody nil! Four bloody nil!

And this was no fluke. Spector's two goals in the first half were superb, and Cole's two in the second even better. In fact Cole's second and our fourth would have made it into a Pele scrapbook of great goals. He received the ball back to goal, rolled his defender adroitly and slotted the ball home from a tight angle with his left foot. It was great centre forward play. A wonderful goal! And the Obinna assist wasn't bad either.

Mind you the third goal pushed it close for goal of the game. Obinna sent over a fabulous cross and Cole anticipated, got in front of his defender and powered home a superb header.

Mind you, Spector's second was a bit tasty too. He sliced through the Man Utd ranks with a wonderful driving run, released to Obinna, and when the ball broke loose, pounced like a leopard on a springbok, and buried the chance, left footed, with aplomb.

Mind you Spector's opener was a bit tasty too. Obinna sent over a perfect cross and Spector, ghosting in Peters like, buried a header.

And before that, we had a goal disallowed unluckily, with an Obinna shot deflecting off Spector who was marginally offside. Clattenbung gave the goal and was back on the half way line before he realised that the Assistant was flagging.

And on top of all that, Obinna forced a good save and Hines could have been given a penalty! It really could have been six!

After an early scare or two, with Green saving superbly from Obertan and clawing away a dangerous cross, we were tight at the back until late on when Hernadez came close-ish twice. But the biggest danger was that Clattenbung would call the game off because of the snow!

Tomkins was excellent all night, and Upson was very good too. Ben Haim was slow to close a couple of times, that left flank is still a worry, but was a solid lump in the challenge. Faubert had a couple of moments, losing the ball when trying to shield it behind for a goal kick and heading back towards our penalty spot when it was heading out of danger, but was otherwise fine.  Green made that great early save and only made one howler, so nearly presenting the Mancs with a goal from a terrible clearance.  Barrera was fine, once he realised the white stuff coming out of the sky couldn't be snorted, and even Kovac came out of the game with credit.

But there were 4 real heroes on the night. First half, Spector was a revelation in midfield and he did nothing wrong in the second 45, even making a couple of defensive interceptions. On a normal night he would have got Man of the Match.

Cole had a quiet first 45 but was superb in the second half. Both goals were collector's items for me and the sponsors gave him the MOTM award, but I thought there were two better personally.

Even better, even more incredibly, was Boa! Restored to the left of midfield, he was like a hornet in a tart's knickers - and my God the United tarts got their knickers in a twist because Boa stung them where it hurt whenever they were in possession on our left. Boa was up and down the pitch all night, closing, harrying, holding, running, laying the ball off. You name it, Boa did it, apart from score of course! This was his best ever game for West Ham without question. Maybe, just maybe, Boa will have an Indian summer!

But my MOTM was Obinna. I had a go at him before the Wigan game, saying he couldn't track back, couldn't tackle, couldn't cross and couldn't score. Well what the fcuk do I know? He set up the first, the third and the fourth, had a goal disallowed because his shot hit Spector, and had a hand in Spector's second too. He was brilliant tonight!

What a night! I have more to write but must go now, Uma Thurman and Keira Knightley are at my front door offering me ten grand to join them in a threesome!

Player ratings: Green 6: Faubert 6, Tomkins 8, Upson 7, Ben Haim 6: Barerra 6, Spector 8, Kovac 6, Boa 9; Cole 8, Obinna 10 Subs: Reid 6, Hines 6


Anonymous said...

Obinna was wonderful. Spector looked like Parker out there at times, it was insane. Props to Grant for having the balls to play him in the midfield, his team was laughed at prior to kick off but he got it spot on imo. Hopefully this win can breed confidence going into Sunderland on the weekend, we've beaten them up there before, we can do it again.

Anonymous said...

kevin in Manchester writes..

well, you can imagine what strolling into work tomorrow will feel lik for me! Spector, HF..maybe he's been played out of position all his career..or possibly he wants to get a couple of extra grand out of hamburg or wherever he's bound. great day, great day!

Houndsbay said...

Move over Fanno,you can have sloppy seconds with Uma & Keira after me..Uh Oh gotta go here comes the missus....Jeez what a night

Hammersfan said...

Trouble is Kev, will you find a United fan in Manchester! Buy an away day to Surrey if you want to gloat!

Anonymous said...

kevin in manchester writes..

don't believe the hype.. the north and west of this city..connurbation in fact... is stuffed full of the blighters. I live in city heartland so plenty of smiles around here anyway.

Hammersfan said...

Then enjoy mate! But book a place in a bunker for after we play them in the league!!!!

Anonymous said...

A great night and a team performance full of passion. It will however, be the name of Spector that is written into West Ham folklore. He deserves the man of the match award.

Hope Avram partners him with Parker in central midfield for the Sunderland game.

Zito said...

"Hope Avram partners with Parker in central midfield for the Sunderland game."

Wow, I wonder how that comment would have gone down after the Liverpool game!!

Seriously a great performance, it is a pity that it will be downplayed because of the weakened opposition.

Hopefully this will get all the doubters off Grant's back - now this team knows what it is capable of, the results ought to follow in the league.

hammalot said...

Incredible result but lets not pretend that every player out there is a patron saint of West Ham. Every match we have to start Kovac and Boa Morte is one we still probably cant win.

Anonymous said...

I agree regarding Kovac but LBM was immense tonight, his tackling, his tenacity, even his passing was pretty much on song all night. Hopefully this game has given him some confidence to perform again in the same way.

Chunky said...

Although the stadium anouncer gave MOTM to Carlton, the award was later presented to Spector on Sky Sports after the game, bottle of champers and everything. I think the stadium anouncer made a cock up. But i agree, although both were excellent on the night, MOTM for me was Obinna. He was instramental in everything up front tonight.

An amazing night with some pretty amazing performances. Lets hope we can push forward starting sunday. Hopefully this will not only be the turning point of our season, but for the form of Obinna, Cole, Boa and Spector too.

Typically, with the emergence of Spector as a decent CM, we now have 3 players who can play that role. You just couldnt make it up!

Stani Army said...

The sponsors choose the man of the match for the one our stadium announcer announces (one of Gold and Sulli's several money making schemes). The t.v broadcaster choose their own one. But, it was a difficult decision to be honest as any one of Obinna, Cole, Specs and Boa could have had it without real complaint.

Yep, well impressed how Specs got forward. It's what we've been lacking...that burst by a midfielder into the box to make up the numbers. If he carries the ball with him, as Specs did on a couple of occasions, then all the better.

Anonymous said...

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