Wednesday, 1 December 2010

To all the Avram doubters and Zola fans

No Parker, no Piquionne, no Collison, no Noble, no Dyer, no Hitlespurger, no Jacobsen, no Da Costa, no Behrami, no Gabbidon, no Ilunga - that's ELEVEN first team players - and we have just beaten Manchester United four bloody nil. FOUR NIL! Go back to 1970 for the last time we did that, to Moore & Hurst & Peters! And we are in the semifinal of the League Cup too, a two legged semi final away from Wembley. And we haven't be there since the 1980s!

Bring back Zola? Fools!


Anonymous said...

Who ever said bring back Zola? I think you were also doubting Avram.

Anonymous said...

Only you could take this opportunity to call some of our great fans fools. Showing yourself up again.

jk said...

you moan about avram all season and then after a couple of wins he's your hero. get a life mate

Hammersfan said...

I do not moan about Avram all season. I have taken stick for backing him actually. I moaned about the Atonement nonsense and about the Liverpool performance. Both were worthy of moans. Get some facts straight jk!

Stani Army said...

Hahahaha, you're a funny man HF. If I didn't know you better, I'd say you were bipolar with the number of times you change your mind.

Agree with you about Cole's second goal, it was class. Not only was he strong but after turning Evans, he took the shot early and their keeper had no chance.

Obinna was immense. Played a part in every goal did he not?

Boa must get a lot of credit too. He set the tone for the whole game. A constant irritant.

Last word for Johnny Specs, who taught Noble how to play the midfield role! See the way he got forward? That's what we lack when Noble plays.

Where's Fred by the way? :)

Hammersfan said...

I'm not blinkered you mean Stani: I'm happy to admit when I am wrong and give ground. Now then, let's see you give ground on Ben Haim, Piquionne, Grant, Zola and Green!

Stani Army said...

You keep changing because you're so off the mark first time around. This means you should pay ore attention to some of us lot :)

I've no ground to give.

Piquionne: I said he was not what we needed but I was not really critical of him. Now Hines is back, I think we will see a combo of Cole, Hines and Obinna forming our attack.

Ben Haim: I still do not rate him. Watch yesterday's game again and see how many times he came narrow (in-field). The space on our left whenever ManU attacked was too big. I admit he is not a left back but he is a poor centre back too. Gabbidon is better than him in both positions and Tomkins, Upson, Da Costa AND Kovac are better than him in the centre.

Zola: My position was that our situation was not primarily down to him. This is still being proved correct.

Green: Good shot stopper but always liable to lose us a game. Prone to errors. An average keeper at best.

Hammersfan said...

I quote you Stani: "Grant knows Piquionne and Ben Haim from previous clubs, and since I've dismissed the merit argument above, their signings must be down to cronyism or nepotism."

I will choose some juicy Zola and Green quotes when I have the time!

Hammersfan said...

Your words Stani:

"everyone will agree that the style of play he has brought is quite magnificent to watch... I do believe that Gainfranco Zola, both the player and the manager, are winners. I think he has an underlying will to win that is not always immediately obvious... We can all agree that he will come out of this a better manager so why not reap the benefits of this rather than letting him learn his trade here, but go somewhere else for others to benefit. If we do believe that one day he will be a very good manager, why don't we let that day arrive with him here... Zola would have learnt a lot and matured, this would have been a very good season for him in my opinion. Most fans are now seeing what Zola had to work with in terms of players available. They sacked him at the wrong time and brought in a P.E teacher."

I don't agree with ANY of that actually, and nobody seems to be falling over himself to hire Zola now he is out of work, so it looks like the football world don't rate him in the same way as you do. I don't understand where you got the idea that he would LEARN from his experience at Upton Park. Zola's trademark was that he repeated the same errors over and over and over again!

Anonymous said...

geeeez you berk - did you write these down - or worse still have you trawled through the archives to try and win your argument???? you sad sad man. Stani of course is right, you change your mind constantly to try and cover all angles and to confuse. Your position is rarely taken seriously and is therefore without merit.

Avram is still way behind in grantozola index and it's a taken a defensive coach called wally for us to get a couple of wins...... your argument as usual HF is appallingly weak.

Hammersfan said...

Everything Stani says is ingrained in my memory. But search throws things up in a second if you want to find it.

Hammersfan said...

And 2214, did Zola take us to the semifinal of a Cup? Thought not!

Anonymous said...

"Grant was happy with that was he? Well Grant should piss off forthwith."
Posted by Hammersfan at 19:30
13 Nov 2010

Hammersfan said...

Actually I wrtote all this:

"I've heard it all now! I fumed each time Zola praised pathetic performances, claiming we were unlucky when we had played like absolute clowns, but to hear Grant claiming he is happy with the performance after a 0-0 draw at home to the King's Head, Blackpool, takes the absolute biscuit. We were lucky for God's sake, The Red Lion Blackpool had a perfectly good goal disallowed for offside and Harewood missed a sitter, but Grant is happy. We couldn't score at home to a bunch of Brickies turning out for their local pub side, but Grant is happy. We played the match at The Wheatsheaf Blackpool's pace, letting them set the tempo of the game throughout, but Grant is happy. What a farce!

I'm sick to death of the excuses, sick to death of the hard luck stories, sick to death of the "We deserved better" complaints. Blame the referee. Blame bad luck. Blame injuries. Credit the opposition. It's all bollocks. We were crap again today, so crap we couldn't win at home to a bloody pub side, so crap that their keepers looked truly troubled only twice in 90 minutes, so crap that we needed a wrong call from a linesman to come away with a point!

Grant was happy with that was he? Well Grant should piss off forthwith."

I was also very critical after the Liverpool game and over the Atonement nonsense. Now, how about finding all the times I have supported Avram and have been criticised by the Zola backers?

Like I keep saaying, I haver no fixed ideas, no prejudice. When Avram gets it right, I will praise him; when he gets it wrong, I will criticise. He got it wrong when he said he was happy with our pathetic performance against The King's Head, Blackpool. Simples. But beyond your powers of comprehension obviously 0306. Must have been cold in your watchman's hut last night!

Stani Army said...

Bloody hell HF, everything I say is ingrained in your memory? You must either really like me, or really hate me. I'm worried either way! :)

Let's not get into the quoting game will lose all credibility with some the stuff you've said in the past. I hope you're not this shifting in other areas of life...sexual orientation for example :) (joke!)

I still stand by what I said about Zola. You can still see the benefit of his coaching in our play right now. Denying that would be an injustice. He brought back those triangles that Curbishley had taken away.

Like I have said to you before HF, many mangers are out of jobs and we cannot be privy to the reasons why. Of course, there are more managers than jobs aren't there HF?

But you yourself said that Zola would have been better for the experience he had saving us from relegation.

As Anon 22:14 has said, Downes may well have lots to do with our recent improvement...him and the public kick up the ass from Cole.