Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Half Time West Ham 2 Manchester United 0 - Alice Through the Looking Glass!

Before kick off I wrote:

I bet Ferguson is quaking in his boots! Remember Peters, remember Brooking, remember Bonds, remember Carrick, remember Joe Cole, remember Yossi Benayoun, remember Van der Elst,  remember Fat Frank Lampard, remember Liam Brady...well Specs joins the midfield pantheon tonight!

And here we are at half time, with West Ham leading 2-0 and with Spector the scorer of both goals! Now I could claim to be a genius here but I was, of course, being sarcastic! And amazingly, if not for a linesman's flag, Spector would have bagged a first half hat trick!

And this isn't a fluke either. Spector's driving runs have been like a knife through the heart of the Man Utd midfield and defence. We have seen him do it before, charging forward from full back. Remember against Burnley (I think), when he won a penalty? Remember the swashbuckling charges forward in the final weeks of last season. As a defender the guy is shit, but with the ball at his feet, he looks a half decent player. Watching tonight, you have to wonder why Parker has been keeping him out of the team!

His first goal was superb. A lovely cross from Obinna, and a delicious header from Spector, who had ghosted, Peters like, into space. The second was even better. Spector carried the ball from the half way line, unselfishly released the ball to Obinna on the edge of the box and then, when the ball broke loose, had the speed of thought and composure to get to the ball first and then bury the chance, left footed. Di Canio couldn't have bettered it!

And it was so nearly 3-0! Another fantastic driving run from Spector, another pass to Obinna, a crisp strike from Obinna and gooooooaaaaaaalllllllll! Clattenburg gave it and was back on the half way line before he realised his assistant had flagged. But what for? Obinna was outside the box! But replays showed Spector had continued his run and the ball deflected off him into the net!

It is too early to be cocky. In fact a 3-2 win for the Mancs might still be a reasonable bet, but for 45 minutes we have turned the football world upside down! I don't care that this is Man Utd's reserves, look how many players we are missing!

Spector's half but Upson, Tomkins, Boa, Green and Obinna have all played with distinction too, and I loved the way Ben Haim took out Fabio and Boa cleaned him up a couple of minutes later. He knows he is in a game!

What can go wrong from here? Man Utd substitutions? A Faubert cock up? Or Clattenburg abandons the game because of snow!


Anonymous said...

Coley coming around!!!

Deane said...

All I can say is Wally Downes is the best defensive in the history of man and Are we the first team ever to beat Manure with Clattenburg in charge

Anonymous said...

Kuszach should've gone to Spector Savers.

4-0 somebody pinch me!

John V P

Masty said...

I think the name of your blog is all that is needed to explain tonights events...

albertrand71 said...

From Spector's Wikipedia page, I'd read this a couple of years back and completely forgot it...

Spector was discovered by Manchester United scout Jimmy Ryan while playing for the American Under-17 squad at the Milk Cup in 2003. Originally a striker, Spector was lined up in defense due to injuries for a game Ryan had attended to scout other players.

Have we really been misusing him all this time!?!

Mallubear said...


Now to draw Ipswich.

Anonymous said...

Swiss hammer says -
All i can say HF is that i think i a m still dreaming, 4-0 who would have thunk it? Green with aclean sheet! good old Wally!
Secondly HF, I would like to call you a true gent. You answered correctly to your earlier post and admitted the mistake, a true gent, keep it going and silence those idiots yoou often get on here!

Anonymous said...

Now to convince Grant that every game is a cup game!

Hammersfan said...

Cheers Swiss Hammer.