Saturday, 22 January 2011

Merson Says West Ham Were Robbed By Crazy Sending Off!

Merson said:

"Seriously, the lad's going to get a winning goal in the 84th minute and he runs into the crowd. He doesn't take his shirt off and he gets sent off for a second yellow.

"It's common sense, it's just common sense. The laws have got to change. These people are playing pressure football every single week and all of a sudden that happens.

"A minute before that Seamus Coleman missed an absolute open goal and West Ham went up the other end, but the sending off was the turning point.

"If he doesn't get sent off they keep the 11 men on and Everton can't bomb forward so much. West Ham didn't have a forward, but if Piquionne had stayed on the pitch they'd have to keep two players back."


fred149 said...

your next post 'ratings change noble from 6 to 7 for playing one heck of a ball thru to boa morte which led to the goal

Hammersfan said...

He missed that chance first half though Fred. But it was a lovely pass! How about 6.9?

Anonymous said...

Still heartbroken, two points robbed, to add to the two points robbed at Wolves, 4 points could cost us dearly.

Stani Army said...

I think Grant's needless substitution did more harm than Piq running into the fans and getting sent off.

Why bring Sears on then take him off again for Reid? It left the players confused. If he wanted another person back then keep Sears on and just tell Spector, who is already on the pitch and up with the pace of things, to drop into defence. There was no need to bring Reid on cold.

And I'm not sure how much money Upson is on but he is back to his best when it comes to throwing himslef in front of a shot. His lame blocks and poor positioning were a contributory factor in both goals. It's an old flaw of his, which I had thought he had got rid of in recent games. Pee-wee blocks. I dont care if he gets hit in the nuts, he should be hurling and spreading himself in front of those shots. Compare it to the Collins block on Tevez's shot today.

How good did Bridge look today HF? What about his cross? Quality right?

fred149 said...

lol cmon it was a difficult chance and his work rate was very good aswell got in some decent tackles and is it me or whenever somebbody proves stani wrong he doesnt comment on posts

Hammersfan said...

See my match report Stani. I agree the substitution was odd but it wouldn't have been made if Piquionne hadn't been sent off. Spector did pull back, he missed the tackle on Fellani in the box didn't he? Or was that Bridge? And yes the Collins block was brilliant.

Hammersfan said...

Fred, Noble could have closed on keeper and tucked it away. He was shocked to receive the pass and he panicked.

Stani Army said...

Yeh, Specs did slip but on both goals Upson had the chance to block by spreading but he does this thing with his legs like he's scared. He should come and watch me block! I dont get paid what he does but I always put everything on the line.

No Fred, it was a much better chance than you're making out. I agree with HF that he could have taken it forward and then struck it. But, his weight was on his back foot and he is not the quickest so if he did touch it forward the defenders would have probably closed. But he should have hit the target nevertheless. I think he was also shocked to find himself in front of goal with a chance and so panicked and rushed it.

Not only his pass but his play just before the pass was very good. If you watch, he started off from the right side. But you cant just do the odd good thing and disappear in a game.

What also p*ssed me off was when we had that free-kick on the right side, perfect for a left footer. He and Bridge were over it but he goes and takes it and fires it a mile over when it was a impossible angle for a right footer. I'm not sure who he thinks he is.

fred149 said...

i admit noble shouldnt be on free kick now we have bridge i also think noble is better off playing as the holding midfielder as it might bring even more ability and potential out of him then before as i admit when he goes forward because his pace isnt good it gives them chances to break away look at long last somehting in out posts agree with each other