Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Tottenham Hotspurs to move to Milton Keynes?

Well Levy has well and truly thrown a handgrenade into the party with his announcement that, come Hell or high water, Tottenham are moving out from White Shite Lane. "What's in a name?" Levy seems to ask, "So what that we are Tottenham Hotspurs, that doesn't mean we have to play in a shit hole like Tottenham!"

And so Tottenham are moving out. They don't know where they are moving out to yet, but they are moving out regardless, packing up their old kit bags and hitting the high road to...well if they keep following the yellow brick road they're sure to end up somewhere eventually.

Follow that star! Listen to that pipe and fall into line with the other rats! Let's all do the conga! Wagons ho!

Up and down the country, clubs are on the watch out for this new breed of traveller invasion, this new Diaspora. Levy and Redknapp, towing their caravans to the new Promised Land. How many years will they spend in the wilderness, feeding upon manna, 'Arry hitting rocks with his stave to release water?

What's that sound of constant moaning? It's the Tottenham boys, coming over the hill, homeless, in search of a place to park up and call their own! No city is safe from possible invasion!

I have a suggestion. Move to Stratford. Stoney Stratford, a borough of Milton Keynes! The soulless city of roundabouts and concrete cows already has the MK Dons so why not the MK Hotspurs too? Let's face it, London would be a much better place without them!

And they have the nerve to call us the Pikeys? So, Tottenham fans, who are the Pikeys now exactly?


Anonymous said...

West Ham United vice-chairman Karren Brady has revealed a letter penned by injured Thomas Hitzlsperger to the club's board over his injury.

Brady says Hitzlsperger won't be back for another two months, but revealed the letter the German sent to the club:

"Nine weeks after the surgery, I'm making good progress. However, it will still take at least eight weeks before I can play again.

"I'd like to thank you for your support and patience. I'll do my very best to come back strongly and work hard every day. Wishing you happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you soon.

"Kind regards, Thomas Hitzlsperger.

This letter was dated DEC 18th 2010. Does it not sound like a kid trying to get more time off from school by stretching out his illness. Just like your parents would send to school. So when Hitzlsperger stays at HOME in Germany what proof do we get that he is progressing nicely? Probably another sick note from his Doctor!!
Of course he still gets his wages every week right??

el martillo said...

Correction; Stoney Stratford is not a borough of Milton Keynes! And as regards Tottenham; MK will be knocking on the door of the premiership within a decade without the help of Spurs!

Hammersfan said...

As good as Marty. I used to live down the road in Leighton Buzzard. Dream on about MK mate!

el martillo said...

The good residents of the historic town of Stoney Stratford would not appreciate your assertion; and I would agree with them! Mk is not my dream, but with 750,000 people living within a 40 min. journey of a ground that would have been a host stadium had we won the world cup bid; the nearest decent team being 60 miles away in Brum or the smoke , you may well be underestimating the Dons future prospects!

Hammersfan said...

Are you now a good resident Marty? I thought you were a Northampton man.

Hammersfan said...

And by the way, size doesn't matter. Bristol hasn't got a Premiership side and they have the pulling power of Cornwall, Zumerset, Dorset, Devon, half of Wiltshire and whatever is to the north of Bristol.

el martillo said...

But if Bristol only had one team they would be a premiership team or at least should be. MK market themselves well,are forward looking and the largest town in europe that has never had a top tier football team, mark my words they have pretentions even if the town is Brent Cross in the middle of a housing estate, albeit a very green one! Now for the match, I was at Wembley the last time we made the League cup final! COYbackinthedayIrons