Friday, 19 August 2011

Are we using QPR to try to get 'Arry twitchy over Parker?

Tactics my boy, tactics! Is all this hot air over the QPR offer for Parker an attempt to provoke a bid from Spurs or Arsenal? With Barton rumoured as a possible replacement and the club keen to release funds to bid for a forward and an auxiliary defender, Sullivan and Gold must be as anxious to see the back of Parker as they were to get him to extend his contract. It would clearly be interesting if Fernandes were to up his bid, forcing a show down between 'Arry I need midfielders Redknapp and Daniel How Much for a 30 Year Old? Levy.

The chances of Parker ending up at QPR are very remote but by breaking ranks and actually bidding for the reigning Player of the Year, they may do us a favour. Perhaps Fernandes really does support West Ham after all!


Anonymous said...

I don't think the game's gone crazy, I think you have. Your recent posts bear no signs of reasonable thinking, clarity or insight. I'd expect an 8 year old to come up with something better than this. Delusional, completely delusional.

Dave said...

So desperate to get rid of Scotty Parker is Fat Sam and the dildos that he, today, tried to start a bidding war by telling Sky Sports News - "They set their own evaluation (for Parker), we set our own evaluations. It's not what we want (to sell Parker), but like any other transfer you negotiate until a point where you get to make a deal or you move on and look for another one." - For fcuks sakes..just auction the guy on Ebay and be done with it man!

Hammersfan said...

I've been crazy for years mate. They let me have access to the internet for therapy.

USA Dave said...

Interesting notion, HF, but I doubt there is any logic in all of this. Fernandes is a publicity hound. Bidding for Parker was more about his own comfort level, and his own delusions. If he ups the bid to 7 or 8, then we likely accept it. And I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him do it. He is a Malaysian Egghead. But I'd be equally surprised to see Parker agree to the move. From his point of view it's better to wait for January when he might see his options open up. QPR has as much a chance to be in the N next season as we do. Maybe more. To the bookies, we are shorter odds for promotion than they are for staying up.

The one who may get twitchy is Wenger. He could use the signing of an English player with grit. 'Arry won't do it. Levy won't let him. And in this case, Levy is correct.