Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Ferguson Babes!

We hear a lot about the Busby Babes and, of course, we all remember the Hansen "You win nothing with kids" gaff (which has become "You win nothing with Liverpool" since!), but people should start noting just how young this current Man Utd team is. The side that took to the field and hammered Tottenham included De Gea, Jones, Evans, Smalling, Cleverley and Welbeck. Hernandez, who looks like he should still be at school, came on as a sub and Fabio was also on the bench.

The likes of Rooney, Evra and Nani are old men in this team in their mid twenties, whilst Anderson is still only 23. No wonder Giggs was playing away, he was probably just trying to show the kids that he could still get it up!

There was plenty of experience available on the bench, of course, and Ferdinand and Vidic will walk back into the team when fit, but Ferguson is building a side that could play together for the next 7 years - by which time he could well be dead. Wenger take note, you can have the best of both worlds, a young team that wins!


Lord Canning said...

I thought this was a West Ham site?

Hammersfan said...

It is but there is a game called football that West Ham play. We are supposed to be the Academy of Football but perhaps the Mancs merit that title now!

Stani said...

I watched the game, and they were unbelievable. He is the master, is Fergy. The confidence he gives these youngsters by chucking them in is huge. Players like Vandervaart and Bale couldn't get a touch of the ball. The energy, work rate and Dynamism coupled with the skill, vision and team cohesion was mesmerising.

As for the academy of football...many clubs are producing better youngsters than us

fred149 said...

well the whole point was youngsters coming thru not bought so u r abit worng there